The man found a big snake entangled in the front door while picking up the takeaway

Virginia man discovered black rat snake When he briefly left home on the weekend to pick up the takeaway, he was wrapped around the front door handle.

Jeff Owen, from Brandmere, a suburb of Richmond, Virginia, He noticed the snake when he picked up the takeaway from the front porch on Saturday afternoon and told him CBS Attached to WTKR, his initial thought was “What the hell is this?”

“I ordered lunch through Door Dash, so I went downstairs to pick up the goods at that time. I saw the driver come up, put the food on the front porch and walked away,” Irving said.

“I opened the door and looked down. At first I didn’t understand what it was.”

He said he didn’t think the driver saw the snake when she encountered it because she “put the food on the ground and walked away” and did not tell him anything about the animal.

Irwin said that he saw the snake on his back porch in early June and a similar black snake in his residence in September 2020. He said that the animal eventually left his front door voluntarily. .

He told WKTR that his wife and mother-in-law were excited to see the snake, but Irvine said that the reptile might be friendly, adding that capturing and relocating it would be “more trouble than worth it.”

According to Live Science reports, rat snakes are usually found in the forests and grasslands of North America. They are non-venomous and pose no threat to humans.

Killing snakes is illegal in Virginia unless they pose a major threat to someone’s health, because the state’s wildlife center encourages residents to capture and relocate animals when they deem it necessary to remove animals from an area.

Dr. Ernesto Dominguez, an exotic animal veterinarian at the Wellesley Animal Hospital in Richmond, told WKTR that he advised humans to give snakes space.

“I think the most important message to convey is that the snakes are there and we must respect them,” he said. “They also provide us with many benefits, especially pest control. They control all the rats around the house.”

Snakes like warm temperatures, which means that as we enter summer, more sightings may be reported across the United States.

Gerri Womack Garon, from Louisiana, Almost sat According to Fox 10 News, an unidentified light brown snake draped herself in her chair on the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama on Tuesday.

Write about the event Facebook In a post with a picture of a snake, Kanon said that she looked down before sitting in a chair, which made her breathe a sigh of relief.

“Until today did you know that you need to check your beach chair for reptiles!” she said. “Good job the beach attendant who moved this guy back to the dunes!”

File photo of the black rat snake. When a man in Virginia briefly left his home on the weekend to pick up takeaways, he was surprised to find a black rat snake wrapped around his front door handle.
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