help! How can I accept that I am exhausted?

Oh dear,

I have been doing my work for several months. For a while, I couldn’t figure out what happened because I’ve always liked my job and am passionate about doing it, but when I started to read all these stories about burnout, I suddenly thought: this is what I’m going through. . I work in the media, so it’s not like saving lives, but it’s stressful between the pandemic, the financial pressures of my company, the difficulty of working with children at home, and the challenges of managing people who are also burned. Go out for a year. I talked about this with my favorite boss. He encouraged me to rest for a week, and I did. However, now that I return to work, I still feel exhausted. I cannot quit my job because I am the source of health insurance for my family, so how can I heal myself?


Do you tell stories about burnout? Are there stories about burnout this year?I think i remember one Thought goods or two, A Recap history, Some Strange frame Trendy items, The big report feature, with My goodness a lot of how is it story(I suppressed at least a dozen people; it is actually illegal to send me more.) Almost all of these make me feel a certain degree of irritation and anger, either because they dismiss the concept or are too Cunning, either because their suggested solutions are meaningless.

For a while, I kept getting reminders from Google News because my name Quit my job In April 2021 and incorrectly used the word b in my tweets, I somehow became a data point in these stories, even though the number of people who asked me to comment by their author happened to be zero. I was so exhausted from the burnout discussion that I ignored multiple questions about burnout that I submitted to this column. I also overlooked many friends who suggested that I write an article about burnout instead of just complaining about how other people got it wrong.I really received a request from a burnout group When writing this column.

Once, frustrated with another bad burnout article, I deleted a bunch of irritating tweets and instead decided to use my energy for settings operating hours For journalists who need free tutoring. Since then, I have completed about 50 such meetings, of which the word burnout appeared at least 40 times.Just as bad as I think languid words, I also Realize that there is a real problem here. So here we are, in my last OOO advice column, I finally succumbed.

Regarding people’s descriptions of burnout, one thing I noticed is that they tend to list all the reasons why they “should not” feel exhausted.A woman who has graduated from university for a few years basically works day and night, writing articles that she finds very unsatisfactory, but she is ashamed to say that she is exhausted Burned out, Because she feels that she has not worked long enough to qualify. A person apologized for using this term because he was paid a high salary according to media standards. And you, Katie, feel it is necessary to determine your legal source of stress by making sure that your job is not as important as the health care worker.

However, all these hesitations are nonsense—and nonsense makes our lives worse. Burning is not some kind of crazy badge of honor. This means you don’t need to earn it. But when people tell people over and over again through stupid articles or even stupid tweets that burnout is not “real”, or that it does not apply to white-collar workers, or that they are too young to know what the real pain is, they tend to Suppress their feelings and legitimize them instead of taking specific measures to change their situation.Yes course This word has become an all-encompassing thing, meaning completely different things to different people, but this is a function, not a mistake. Part of the reason that it is strange to see my own experience in all these stories is that people made assumptions about my “burnout” and made corresponding judgments, without actually having any ideas. (Never tweet, this is what I want to say.)


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