New Year’s Countdown


Jessica Jordan

The first “New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days of Ember Plugins” series highlights popular plugins in the Ember community. We hope you enjoy learning the fun tools of Ember developers with us every day!

Day 17

In the 17th increment New Year’s Countdown Let’s take a look at an exciting Ember plugin to add map To our app: Man flyer!

Learn more about ember-leaflet Observer in Ember.

What can it do

with ember-leaflet We can create useful maps for our web applications.This plugin helped us integrate Flyer.js -An open source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps-Enter our Ember app.

Why i like it

Leaflet.js is already a great library, with simplicity, performance, and usability as its starting point.Plug-in ember-leaflet Make our developer experience better: we can use the useful layer components provided by the plug-in API to build complex multi-layer street maps directly in our templates. This makes creating an interactive map experience more direct and fun!

Use to build your own map ember-leaflet after View the project description on Ember Observer!

If you are already a digital cartographer yourself, we would love to hear what you use ember-leaflet Or other map plugins in the comments section below!

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