Nancy Pelosi said that if it weren’t for Monday, the bipartisan infrastructure bill would be passed “this week”

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi It was stated on Sunday that the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill will be passed this week.But she did admit that the vote might be postponed until after Monday because of progress and centristism Democratic Party Continue to debate the spending bill.

Pelosi reached an agreement with a group of moderate Democrats that the bill-including funding for roads, bridges, high-speed Internet, rail and transportation, drinking water upgrades, and other priorities designed to support the country’s infrastructure-will be set on Monday vote.

legislation Passed in the Senate With the support of both parties last month.nineteen Republicans Every Democrat voted yes.

However, progressive lawmakers said they would not vote for the bill unless the House of Representatives and Senate Approve a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill to provide funding for “human” infrastructure to combat climate change, expand health insurance, and provide free two-year community colleges.

Appear in ABC information’ this week, Pelosi said that unless she has votes to ensure that the bill passes, she will not submit the bill to the House of Representatives.

She said: “I will never propose a bill without votes.”

The speaker said that the House of Representatives will still pass the bill this week and vowed to abide by her promise to moderate members.She said that the bill will still be submitted for “consideration” on Monday, but that does not mean Congress It will be voted on at that time.

She said she would not set voting dates at will, and the Democratic Party needs to “reach a consensus” to move forward.

“You can’t choose a date,” she said. “You must get votes within a reasonable time to leave.”

Also on Sunday, Pramila Jayapar, chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in Washington State, said that “there was no vote” to pass the bipartisan bill. Suspect Voting will be held on Monday.She told a CNN A reporter said on Friday that at least 50 Democrats will vote against the bill-far more than the few Republicans who expressed support for the bill.

When asked this week The host, George Stephanopoulos, said that if a broader $3.5 trillion bill needs to be agreed to pass the bipartisan bill, Pelosi said he was “absolutely correct,” but he needed to make some adjustments to the price tag. Adjustment.

Pelosi said that the final price tag would be lower than the $3.5 trillion submitted to the House of Representatives by the Senate and the White House “seems self-evident,” but dismissed the party’s claim that the bill was divided.

She said: “The vast majority of people, even those who want a smaller number, support the president’s vision.”

Democrat-led House Budget Committee vote The components of the $3.5 trillion bill passed on Saturday 20-17. According to reports, a Democrat, California Rep. Scott Peters (Scott Peters) supports Republicans against advancing this measure. The bill will now be submitted to the House Rules Committee for expected amendments, and then the House of Representatives will vote on it.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that even if the vote is postponed until after Monday, the House of Representatives will pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill this week. Here, she presided over the House of Representatives in October 2019.
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