Apple will fix a bug that prevents iPhone 13 users from unlocking with Apple Watch

Can you unlock a brand new iPhone 13 with Your Apple Watch? Don’t despair for now. according to arrive Mike rumors, Apple has promise Fix a bug that prevented unlocking via “Upcoming Software Update”. Apple says that you can turn off the feature in “Settings” and rely on the password until the solution is in place, although it does not provide a timeline for the patch.

This defect usually tells the user that the iPhone “cannot communicate with the Apple Watch”. Others cannot set the unlock function first. As you might imagine, if you wear a mask and cannot log in with your face ID, it will be a big hassle.

You may not have to wait too long.Although Apple has only recently begun testing the iOS 15.1 beta, the company has long provided Small and fast update Fix obvious errors and security vulnerabilities. Although this is certainly not the way Apple wants the iPhone 13 to be released, this problem is unlikely to continue.

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