League of Legends Arcane Trailer Netflix series

The blue-haired Jinx raised her pistol in Arcane and looked eager.

Now you owe me a coke.
picture: Riot Games/Netflix

The highly anticipated super popular prequel series League of Legends The multiplayer battle arena game is just around the corner! As part of its fun but tragic name Tudum event, Netflix A brand new trailer has been released Arcane, This animated TV series will document the origins of fans’ favorite champions Jinx and Wei—and what happened to turn the sisters into such enemies.

Although Jinx is well known in the game clown-Chaos Agent, as we saw in the trailer, according to League of Legends‘Canon, she is not always like that.From her Official biography“Although most people see Jinx, they will only see a mad woman wielding various dangerous weapons, but there are also a few people who remember her as relatively An innocent girl from Zu’an, a tinker with great ideas, was never quite suitable. No one knows exactly what turned that cute little child into a wildcard, notorious for her vandalism. “

The origin of Vi is Equally mysterious“Wei hardly remembered her childhood in Zu’an, and she did remember what she hoped she didn’t. … None of her predecessors when she was young could tell her anything about her parents. Most people think they are dead. In an industrial accident, sadly, this was too common in Undercity. Although she was eventually sent to the run-down Hope House orphanage, a notorious lunatic shit shoveling officer claimed to be in a collapsed chemical laboratory She was found drifting in a cradle enough for two people in the ruins of .”

According to the current setting, there does not seem to be much connection between the two, except that Jinx constantly targeted her in various crimes, robberies, and vandalism by the law enforcement Vi in Piltworth. But it’s clear that their origins are deeply connected, they have experienced good times and (very, Very) Bad times, and Arcane It looks like it will explore more. Arcane Hailee Steinfeld as Vi, Ira Purnell as Jinks, Kevin Alejandro as Jace, Katie Leung as Caitlin, Jason Spisak as Silco , Toks Oragondoye as Mel, JB Bran as Wander, Harry Lloyd as Victor, and will premiere on Netflix on November 6.

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