Greg Abbott said he will hire border agents “at the risk of losing his job” under Biden’s leadership

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott He said on Sunday that he would hire border patrol officers because the Biden administration is investigating their treatment of immigrants from the Texas border, and they fear losing their jobs under the Biden administration.

These agents are under scrutiny after footage and images circulated last week showing them riding horses and charging towards Haitian immigrants.this Department of Homeland Security Temporarily stop patrolling Unit in Del Rio, Texas.

Shots of the president responding to the spy operations Joe Biden Friday promised that “people will pay the price.”

But talking about Fox News Sunday, Abbott defended Border Patrol agents.

“If the Biden administration first enforced immigration laws and ensured border security, they would not be in this situation,” Abbott said.

He offered to hire agents whose jobs were threatened to “help Texas protect our borders.”

“What the President said, hunt down the Border Patrol. They risk their lives and work hard to ensure border security. If he takes any action against them, I will work side by side with those Border Patrol officers. I want them to know something. Things,” Abbott said.

He added: “If they are at risk of losing their jobs, if the president relinquishes the responsibility of protecting the border, then you have a job in Texas.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on Sunday that he will hire Border Patrol agents because they fear losing their jobs during the Biden administration. Above, Abbott made a speech at a press conference. He signed Senate Bills 2 and 3 at the Capitol in Austin, Texas on June 8.
Montinique Monroe

Abbott also referred to a photographer’s comment that he took photos of border agents riding horses, which intensified the agent’s claims of using whips against immigrants.But the photographer Said he had never seen an agent whipping anyone.

“They are just manipulating the horses,” Abbott said of the agents.

On Saturday, the former Democratic congressman Tursi Gabbard Also criticized Biden’s remarks on Friday He vowed to punish border agents.

“What he did was basically serve as a judge, jury and executioner for these customs and border patrol agents on horseback,” Gabbard told Fox News.

“When the President of the United States has declared them guilty and they will be punished, how can they expect a fair result from the investigation?” she added.

exist CNNof Union State Sunday, Host Jake Tapper asked Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro MajorcasRegarding the comments he made, the image of border agents “frightened” officials – and the president’s own statement on Friday.

“When the president says’those people will pay’ and you say these images shock us, how can the Department of Homeland Security claim to have conducted an independent investigation of these border patrol agents?” Tapper asked.

“I think it’s obvious that the content implied by these images shocked the American public,” Majorcas said.

“This is completely different from knowing what actually happened and determining the facts, which will be determined by the Office of Professional Responsibility in an independent investigation,” he added.

“And the facts that elicit, the facts that are determined will drive the results, nothing more.”

Weekly newspaper The White House has been contacted for comments.

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