50 Cent’s “Responsibility to Tell the Whole’BMF’ Story” and how he involved Eminem in it

Curtis “50 Cents” Jackson continued his successful career through his new Starz show and turned into a major TV creator. BMF.

BMF It tells the true story of the rise of the organized crime group Black Mafia Family, focusing on the founders Demetrius and Terry Flenory. It originated in southwest Detroit in 1989. By the 2000s, BMF had become one of the most influential criminal families in the country. Its drug distribution network was spread throughout the United States and it was a hip-hop music label used for money laundering.

Before BMF Debuted on Starz on Sunday, September 26, Weekly newspaper Discussed the show with 50 Cent, where he served as executive producer and interim director.

Keep BMF In the family

The story of the Black Mafia Family is widely publicized in books, documentaries, and hours of news reports, focusing on the crimes and final arrests of its members.

50 Cent said he felt it necessary to tell BMF The story, because this is a refreshing change from his previous TV show.He said Weekly newspaper: “Success from fictional stories, such as strength, This is something I think people will pay more attention to, knowing that it actually happened, this is a true story. “

The Black Mafia Family’s connection with hip-hop and music culture adds a new element strength, Book of Strength II: Ghost with Power Handbook III: Raising Kanan Lack, 50 Cent admits to be very attractive to him.

The new season of “BMF” will begin at Starz on Sunday, September 26th at 9 PM Eastern Time.

“Even if the street business is successful, Miqi [Demetrius Flenory] Able to keep in touch with successful artists in the culture. I think the passion for music drives him. “

Casting BMF Copy movie Straight out of Compton, Because the role of Demetrius “Big Mickey” Flainori is played by his real-life son Demetrius Flainori.

50 Cent said the difference between O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Demetrius Jr.’s casting is BMF The star has no acting background. “I don’t think this will happen again.”

Thousands of people read the character in Atlanta, and the actor agent searched in California, but in the end 50 Cent decided to put “Lil Meech” in acting class. “Transfer him to a different environment [in California] Let him have full concentration on acting.I got the latest news about him from the acting coach and asked Tasha Smith to guide him in the first and last episodes BMF It also made him feel very comfortable. “

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg plays Past Swift in Starz’s “BMF”.

Replace yourself with Snoop Dogg

Although 50 Cent has a say in the role he wants to play, he also chose not to play who—that is, himself.

“Actually, I have completely given up this role. I was originally chosen to play Pastor Swift, this role is Snoopy [Dogg] It’s playing now,” 50 Cent revealed. “It’s because I know I have to sell this, but also for Raise rights I made a voice-over for it, and I don’t want it to appear in people’s minds again BMF.

“I think Snoopy did a good job, and I got the chance to coach him. He was fully prepared and he has been working hard. Snoop entered there with the attitude of bringing the character to life.”

Snoopy is not the only legendary rapper to appear BMF, Because 50 Cent also recruited his old friend, mentor and collaborator Eminem.

Eminem as White Boy Rick BMF

Since 2002, Eminem has not performed a dramatic performance in movies or TV. 8 miles. exist BMF He played the role of the white boy Rick and his story was widely known in the 2018 TV series White boy Rick, Starring Matthew McConaughey.

“It’s not difficult to get Em, because we have a good relationship. If he can find a place to help or support me, or raise me to a new level, he will be the first person to do it,” 50 Cent Say.

Although in the past, Eminem could play White Boy Rick, 50 Cent said this time that once Eminem finds out that the project will be in his hometown of Detroit and he is free, he will join.

When considering how they play in Rick’s different age groups, 50 Cent said he told Eminem, “’Yo, they have this technology, they are Irishman We can bring you back to your boyhood’, he was like’Yo, let’s do it. ‘”

Proud of their collaboration, 50 Cent thinks people will like to follow this episode of Eminem and White Boy Rick, and he hopes to be recognized by the academy. “I think people will be shocked by it, and it might even win an award in the end. If they don’t give me one, I will buy a trophy for it.”

BMF concert launched 50 Cent
50 Cent will be on stage during the world premiere screening and concert of “BMF” on September 23, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Pallas Griffin/Getty Images for STARZ)
Getty Images by STARZ/Paras Griffin

this BMF Not a hero

Although the story of the black mafia family has been dramatized BMF, 50 Cent believes that they are telling true stories, but they will never beautify or beautify them.

He asserted, “You can’t think of them as heroes. They sell drugs, they are drug dealers, right?

“But I think at the end of the day, you are responsible for telling the whole story, otherwise there is no way to sympathize with them. When you tell an origin story, you will see the innocence of choice. You see how it is in poverty How to make a decision, they are just trying to solve the problem,” 50 Cent said.

BMF Demetrius Flainoli Jr. and Leonardo da Vinci starred in Big Mickey and Sweet T Flainoli respectively, while supporting roles include Russell Hornsby, Ajina Alexas, and Shi Steve Harris, Cash Doll, Lara Anthony and the aforementioned Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

The first episode of BMF “See it…touch it…get it” aired on Starz on Sunday, September 26 at 9pm, immediately following the episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan After the end of the season.

Starting from episode 2, BMF will air on Starz every Sunday at 8pm.

50 Cent at the premiere of BMF
“BMF” executive producer 50 Cent attended the world premiere screening and concert of the Starz Show in Atlanta, Georgia.
Pallas Griffin/Getty Images for STARZ

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