Vizio M-Series Quantum (2021) Review: Affordable and trustworthy

Even as a supplier Try hard to keep up There is demand, now is a good time to buy New tv. The mid-range market is more competitive than ever. Nowadays, you can get a lot of things for far less than $1,000, but the price keeps falling, and our eyes are reaping rewards.

The Vizio M series is the best in its has Quantum dots Brighter colors, darker black local dimming, variable refresh rate for games, and the current price (55 inches) is under $700. A TV that can meet all these requirements is rarely affordable. If you are buying a new flat panel display in the market, then this is good news for your wallet.

Black box

When you shop in person, it is difficult to choose between good mid-range TVs because they all look the same. Unfortunately, the M series is no exception. Like various mid-priced models from TCL, Samsung, and LG, it is about an inch and a half thick and has relatively thin bezels. It is equipped with a fairly ordinary-looking plastic remote control, which has some hot keys for streaming services.

Photo: Vizio

Unless you have a big TV stand, you will want to hang it on the wall. It has legs near the end instead of a central base, which means you need a stand as long as the TV itself. This will not work in every living room.

All of this is because Vizio’s entire business model is to take top technology and put it into affordable things. This means a compromise in aesthetics.So you won’t look skinny here, but you Do Get Vizio’s outstanding backlight technology and iQ processing engine.

The company’s local dimming backlight technology can be turned off or dimmed according to the content being played. In ultra-dark scenes, some of the 32 areas of the backlight can achieve different brightness, so you will get less gray and something closer to black.

Local dimming is not as good as use Organic LED or “OLED” technology, Where each pixel is its own backlight, but it can still improve contrast quality. Vizio’s technical expertise is fully demonstrated in this new M series.Watching darker shows like Strange things with Mandoro, I noticed that everything still looks clear and clean, with only a faint halo (a halo appears around bright objects on a dark background).

I should note that this model has an HDMI 2.1 port-the earlier 2021 M series models have an HDMI 2.0 port, but it has been fixed here. This upgrade port supports the eArc standard, which makes it easy to set up the soundbar, and it can be integrated with the TV remote control immediately.and you should Use soundbar Or a set of speakers, because the sound of the TV is very small, although it sounds better than Thinner TV.

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