The most watched lifetime movie of all time

Some armchair critics give bad reviews to lifelong original movies, claiming that they are junk and melodrama, while other titles have received Emmy nominations and critical reviews.

One thing is certain: they let us adjust.

Since the production of original movies in 1990, Memories of murder, The channel has produced hundreds of movies, from real crimes in the headlines to the cry that makes you reach for a tissue, to biopics of celebrities.

Here are some of the most watched lifetime movies of all time.

Almost Golden: The Story of Jessica Savage (7.1 million)

TV broadcaster Jessica Savage
Shepard Sherbell/Corbis via Getty Images)

The original movie with the highest ratings in a lifetime appeared in 1995, adapted from a biography Almost golden: Jessica Savage and TV news sales.

Sela Ward played National Broadcasting Corporation The news anchor in the movie reported on her rise in the team, off-screen drug use, and her drowning in 1983.

In the past 25 years, television broadcasting has not been broken.

Fantasia Barino’s story: life is not a fairy tale (6.6 million)

Fantasia Barino's story
Fantasia Barino plays himself in this lifelong movie.

According to the book Life is not a fairy tale, American idol Champion Fantasia Barrino played herself in the 2006 Lifetime Hit.

6.6 million people watched this biopic, which portrays Fantasia’s self-esteem, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and her beliefs.

Viola Davis, Loretta Devine and Kadim Hardison are also in the cast.

Steel magnolia (6.5 million)

Steel magnolia
Lifetime produced an all-black remake of “Steel Mulan”.

This remake of the 1989 film of the same name starred all black American actors, including Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Felicia Rashad, Alpha Woodard and Condora Rashad.

The film began in 1987 with Robert Harling’s play and tells the ties shared by a group of women in the southern town community and how they coped with their own deaths.

In addition to becoming the third-most-viewed lifetime original movie, Steel magnolia It was a big blow.

Flowers in the attic (6.1 million)

Flowers in the attic
Kiernan Shipka and Ellen Burstyn starred in “Flowers in the Attic.”

Lifetime produced the second adaptation of VC Andrews’s 1979 novel of the same name, which scarred countless young readers.

Ellen Burstyn plays the ruthless Olivia. When her mother (Heather Graham) returns to her estranged family after her husband’s death, she sends her grandchildren to the attic.

Kiernan Shipka of “Mad Men” and Mason Day of Young Wolf played the siblings Cathy and Chris in this tragic drama, and received mixed reviews.

Anna Nicole (6.1 million)

Agnes Bruckner as Anna Nicole Smith
Agnes Bruckner starred in “Anna Nicole”>

In 2013, Agnes Bruckner played the legendary model Anna Nicole Smith in this lifelong biopic.

The film depicts Smith from a small town dancer to a playboy centerfold to the life of the billionaire (J Howard Marshall) wife until her death in 2007.

Whitney (4.5 million)

Yaya Da Costa as Whitney Houston
“Whitney” starring Yaya da Costa.

Angela Bassett directed this 2015 Whitney Houston biopic, which is the highest-rated film of a lifetime.

Yaya da Costa plays Houston in the movie, discussing her turbulent marriage with Bobby Brown. The story is set in the five years between 1989 and 1994, when the bodyguards made Houston a global fame.

Although Da Costa’s performance was praised, the film was not without controversy as Houston’s family condemned its release.

Pat Houston, the sister of the late singer, said that the film was made without the blessing of the family and the request of her mother not to make this film, and wrote on her website: “If you watch this movie, you know that Lifetime is notorious for making bad biopics of late celebrities, and prepare for the worst.”

Lizzie Borden took the axe (4.4 million)

Lizzie Borden took the axe
Christina Ricci starred in “Liz Boden Takes the Axe.”

Christina Ricci as Lizzie Borden, a young American woman who murdered her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1892, He was tried and acquitted in this bumpy, self-conscious film made for the original TV movie.

When it premiered in 2014, it was the number one TV broadcast program among all key demographics, and it was so popular that it was given its own spin-off series called Chronicles of Liz Boden.

Clea DuVall and Billy Campbell are also part of the cast.

The story of Gaby Douglas (3.8 million)

The story of Gabby Douglas
“The Story of Gaby Douglas” depicts the gymnast’s journey to Olympic glory.

After winning the gold medal in 2012 Olympic Games As a member of the legendary American gymnastics team in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, it is no wonder that Gabby Douglas’s life became a lifelong movie in 2014.

Imani Hakim played Douglas in the movie, portraying her Olympic gold medal road, and Gabby Dougls personally performed gymnastics stunts.

Toni Braxton: Don’t hurt my heart (3.5 million)

Tony Braxton Lifetime Biopic
Lex Scott Davis plays the leading role in this Tony Braxton biopic.

Lex Scott Davis played the role of legendary R&B star Toni Braxton in this 2016 biopic. Producer LA Reid and Kenneth “Baby Face” Edmonds discovered the cloth Laxton, her public divorce, her son’s autism, and her own struggle with lupus.

This movie is based on Braxton’s own biography Unbreak My Heart, Although it has received mixed reviews, it is the highest-rated biopic since Whitney.

Liz and Dick (3.5 million)

Liz and Dick
Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor in “Liz and Dick”.

Also attracting 3.5 million viewers is the 2012 biopic of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Liz and Dick, Because Lindsay Lohan played Taylor and attracted much attention.

Lohan dyed her red hair dark to depict the screen legend opposite Grant Bowler. Although the ratings were good, they were considered disappointing due to the media attention during the filming.

Unfortunately, the film was criticized, although Taylor Jewelry’s clothing and entertainment were praised.

Petals in the wind (3.4 million)

Petals in the wind
“Petals in the Wind” starring Heather Graham.

Ellen Burstyn and Heather Graham return in the 2014 sequel Flowers in the attic, It did not reach the same ratings as the original version, but it did a pretty good job.

10 years from the event Flowers in the attic, The surviving Dollanganger children Cathy, Chris and Kelly try to continue their lives, but Cathy (Ross McPhee) decides to retaliate against her mother.

Somehow, the content of this movie—including incest, suicide, and murder—is more distressing than the first, and its success led to two other sequels, If there are thorns with The seed of yesterday.

Aaliyah: R&B Princess (3.2 million)

Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B
The Aaliyah biopic has received a lot of negative comments.

Another controversial biopic. Despite opposition from the family of the late star, Lifetime continued to produce this Aaliyah biopic in 2014.

Zendaya was originally chosen as Aaliyah, but was later replaced by Alexandra Shipp, a film that portrayed her fame until she flew to the Bahamas to shoot a music video-she died in a plane crash.

Since Aaliyah’s family has a master of her songs, Lifetime was not allowed to use her music and had to record a cover version.

The film received negative comments from critics and audiences, and fans accused the film of being misjudged.

Jody Arias: Dirty Little Secret (3.1 million)

Jodi Arias Lifetime Movie
The Jodi Arias Lifetime movie was shot with the real trial.

Lifetime is always the first person in a real crime story. In 2013, they produced a movie adapted from the murder of Travis Alexander and the subsequent conviction of Jodi Arias.

According to the prosecutor’s schedule of events, Dirty little secret The filming actually started while the trial was still in progress and ended after Arias (played by Tania Raymond) was found guilty.

The film received mixed reviews.

Sister Clark: First Lady of the Gospel (2.7 million)

The Lifetime Movie of the Clark Sisters
The Clark Sisters’ biopic is the highest-rated original movie in a lifetime in four years.

One of the most recent movies on the list, Sister Clark It premiered in April 2020, following the establishment of the gospel band The Clark Sisters (daughter and student of the gospel singer and devout Christian Christian Mattie Moss Clark), which became the highest-selling music in the history of music Gospel Band.

Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Loretha Jones, and Holly Carter were all executive producers of the first authorized biopic about the organization and became Lifetime’s most-viewed original film in four years.

The soundtrack was also very successful, ranking seventh on the Billboard Best Gospel Album list.

Wendy Williams: The Movie (2.6 million)

Wendy Williams Movies
Shila Payton played Wendy Williams in the biopic.

Ciera Payton plays Wendy Williams in this biopic about the life of the talk show star, which premiered in January 2021.

The film tells about Williams’ rise in radio and television, her struggle with cocaine abuse, and the end of her marriage to Kevin Hunter.

Williams was the executive producer of the project and gave instructions on Payton’s behavior before filming.

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