HP Elite Folio review: a costly hodgepodge of mobile-centric features

HP succeeded in earning a reputation for itself by creating attractive and unique laptops.Its Spectre laptops are some of the most beautiful personal computers, and Original Ghost Folio It is a mixture of leather and metal. The company continues to pursue the most advanced products such as “the thinnest” or “lightest” through the Elite Dragonfly series, but it has also introduced compelling features in its product portfolio.This HP Elite Folio It is a real hodgepodge of these ideas-it has a leather construction, a front-pull touch screen, a Snapdragon 8cx power supply, an LTE connection and a stylus with Wacom technology. On paper, this is a compelling combination of features.But in amazing 1,889 USDFor Windows on ARM machines, Elite Folio is very expensive.



  • unique design
  • Convenient stylus and slot
  • Good battery life

One of HP’s greatest strengths is its unique and attractive design. In the ocean of metal rounded rectangles, Elite Folio undoubtedly stands out. Its vegan leather covering is elegant in appearance and soft to the touch.Carry almost Makes me feel very professional.

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However, opening Elite Folio is a bit tricky. Because it has a front pull screen, when I try to open it to laptop mode, sometimes it pops out of the lid. This happens about 50% of the time-I want a lock to hold the screen in place when I don’t want it to slide forward.

However, when the laptop is all set up, everything will proceed normally. The hinge is strong enough to fix the screen at any angle, and the small slot between the monitor and the keyboard can accommodate and charge the HP Slim Active Pen that comes with it. By the way, this small slot is also where you can find the SIM card tray-it is hidden under the right end. To be honest, if you don’t know where to find it, it’s a bit difficult: I have to ask HP where my SIM card should be located.

The speakers are located on both sides of the keyboard, the USB-C ports are located on both sides of the machine, and there is a headphone jack on the right side. Although there is no fingerprint sensor for login, you can use facial recognition with a 720p infrared hybrid webcam. I also appreciate the mechanical privacy shutters here, although I would like the top frame to be thinner.

Display and audio

HP Elite Folio Engadget review photos:

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

The thick top bezel makes the 3:2 panel of Elite Folio look extraordinarily tall, although after I spend most of my time on the 16:9 system, this may just be my eyes adjusting. It is worth noting that the aspect ratio of the Surface Laptop 4 is the same, but the frame is slightly thinner.

The thick border is no big deal (and it makes it easier to pop up the screen without accidentally launching the app). I am more worried about the display itself. Although I like the higher aspect ratio and 1920 x 1280 resolution to make images and text look sharp on a 13.5-inch panel, it is difficult for me to see most things in the sun. I used Samsung Galaxy Book Flex as my main driving force for most of last year. Compared with the QLED display, the LCD of the Elite Folio looks uneven and dim.

On the other hand, HP’s audio settings here are very powerful. The speakers are loud and clear.I prefer songs like Doja Cat which have heavier bass and clearer midrange need to know And maroon 5 lost, But the sound quality is better than many other laptops.

Keyboard, trackpad and webcam

HP Elite Folio Engadget review photos:

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

Another advantage of Elite Folio over most ultraportable notebooks of this size is its keyboard. HP offers buttons with 1.3 mm travel, which is one of the deepest settings I have tested. The layout is also very good, there are no undersized keys. Adjustable backlight is also good. I found that pressing the button requires too much force, but over time, I can see that I get used to it.

The touchpad is also very good. It is responsive, well-sized, and works well with multi-finger gestures. Nothing is particularly surprising or unique, but there is nothing to complain about. However, I do have one point to choose a webcam. Although I do like the convenience of biometric login via Elite Folio’s 720p camera, I hate the way it makes me in a video call.The image is dark and dirty, I look like one of the ghosts hidden in the background The trouble of the mountain house.

Stylus and front pull screen

HP Elite Folio Engadget review photos:

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

Some other things HP offers that companies such as Microsoft and Lenovo don’t have (Samsung has removed it on its latest laptops) is a slot for an accompanying stylus. This, coupled with the front pull screen of Elite Folio, makes it easier to draw sketches or take notes. You can support the monitor in front of the keyboard or push it down so that it lays flat like a tablet.

In all these configurations, Elite Folio performed well. When I scribbled some handwritten essays in Paint, I found it effective to prevent accidental palm touch. HP’s Elite Slim Active Pen uses Wacom technology to detect 4,096 levels of pressure and provide tilt sensitivity. When I painted a bad rendering of the beach, it was responsive and smooth (my fault, not a pen fault). When I was about to return to laptop mode, I admired the small protrusion on the bottom edge of the screen, which helped push it upward. During these conversions, the display is also rapidly rotating between portrait and landscape.

which performed

I wish I could say the same about the overall performance of the Elite Folio. It uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 and 16GB of RAM, just like Windows on most ARM machines we tested, it’s pretty stuck. When I switched back and forth between writing this review and checking my Slack ping, it took a few seconds for the web application to load and display all my messages.

I use the same browser-based Slack settings on my daily driver (Intel-powered PC) and rarely experience this delay. Of course, Slack may be part of the reason, but I also encountered a similar lag when setting up the Elite Folio. Compared to most other systems, the installation time for benchmarks and my commonly used application suite is significantly longer.


Geekbench 5 (CPU – single core/multi core)

HP Elite Folio (Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2)

764 / 3,041

Apple MacBook Air 2020 (Apple M1)

1,619 / 6,292

Acer Aspire 5 (Intel Core i3-1115G4)

1,316 / 2,583

Benchmarks are not a perfect representation of performance, but they still tell us how the Elite Folio compares to similar machines. On Geekbench 5, the Elite Folio score was less than half that of the M1-powered MacBook Air or Pro, and it also lost to Intel systems such as the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360. Slightly Better than Acer Aspire 5 powered by Core i3, but its cost is about one-third of the price.

I don’t want to continue to beat the dead horse, so instead of complaining again about the limited application compatibility and malfunctioning simulator software of Windows on ARM, I just want to say: Apple has proven it is possible to make ARM-based laptops that work very well-Microsoft Really need to strengthen its game.

Battery life and connectivity

One of the main features that Snapdragon laptops provide them is their incredible battery life and fast cellular connections. HP promised to play up to 20 hours of video on a single charge, but the Elite Folio actually ran out after 15 hours and 14 minutes in our inefficient test. At lower screen brightness, the machine may reach HP’s estimated score. In other words, the running time of Elite Folio has exceeded most of the ultra-portable products we have tested, such as MacBook Air 2020 and HP’s own Elite Dragonfly and Elitebook x360. But it is a few minutes worse than Surface Laptop 4 (15 inches) and Galaxy Book Pro 360 (15 inches).



HP Elite Folio


Apple MacBook Air 2020


HP EliteBook x360 1040 G7


Another thing I like about Snapdragon PCs is their reliable LTE connection. Elite Folio supports Gigabit LTE, and you can also get a model with 5G, although only sub-6 instead of mmWave. The perfect high-speed wireless option is WiFi 6.

wrap up

Elite Folio has a lot to like-its unique design, convenient stylus, good battery life and cellular network connection are great. However, before Microsoft improves the system, I cannot tell you with my conscience to buy a Windows on ARM machine for $1,889. Of course, HP does not completely target ordinary consumers, because this belongs to its “elite” series of commercial notebook computers, but in this case, this mainly means that Folio has IT deployment-friendly software and security. For laptops starting with a messy operating system, this is still too expensive, and the Elite Folio is not enough to overcome this disadvantage.

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