Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the police, saying there were “probable reasons” for the arrest of Brian Laundrie

Fox News Host Judge Jenny Piro A fierce attack was launched against the Utah police, stating that after witnesses said he had assaulted Gabby Petito, the officer had “probable reasons” for arresting Biran Laundrie.

On Saturday’s show of the same name ‘Justice and Judge Jenny‘, Pirro slammed the Moab police officer because they handled a traffic stop on August 12. It is said that Laundrie, 23, and Petito, 22, were questioned after they were seen slapped on the face of his fiancé.

Petitto’s body was later found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, more than a month after the encounter was recorded by the police. Her death was later convicted of homicide.

Pirro criticized a “formerly experienced law enforcement officer” who asked not to be named, saying that the domestic violence law was not made for “people passing through your town or county.”

She added: “That was wrong. The Domestic Violence Act was made to protect victims of domestic violence, no matter where the crime occurred. Your address does not matter.”

The former district attorney then quoted the Utah Code of Law and added the police officer’s “primary duty of care” in response to the “protection of victims” call for domestic violence.

Pirro continued to quote the Utah Code and added: “If the sheriff has reasonable grounds to believe that the alleged victim will continue to experience violence, the police officer should arrest and detain the perpetrator, and the means must be used.”

this Fox News The moderator mentioned the body camera footage at the traffic station and added: “Now, the police are trained to watch out for crying victims, take responsibility, and often dare not speak out.

“Laundrie, Brian Laundrie, was seen by witnesses—they called 911—attacking Gabby Petito many times. The officer said he was holding her phone and preventing her from getting in the car.”

Pirro continued: “The arrest should be considered, and there are possible reasons.”

Moab City announced that it would investigate How its police department responded to the domestic violence dispute between Laundrie and Petito.

Moab City police Chief Brett Edge told Weekly newspaper The troops will cooperate with the investigation.

He added: “We look forward to the investigation. If the investigation finds areas for improvement, we will keep this information in mind, learn from it, and make changes when needed to ensure that we provide the best response and service to the community.”

Weekly newspaper The Moab City Police Department has been contacted for comments.

Officials and FBI Since Tuesday, September 14, agents have continued to search for Laundrie, who has been missing from his home in Northport, Florida.

Arrest warrant issued for Laundrie’s arrest He allegedly “knowingly committed the crime” and “used one or more unauthorized access devices” between August 30 and September 1, including debit cards.

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, on February 23, 2017. Pirro assaulted officials of the Moab City Police Department.
Mike Taylor/AFP/Getty Images

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