“This degree of coldness and disregard is shocking”

On Thursday night, a homeless person was shot by an arrow. Canadian authorities are investigating.

The victim was a 22-year-old man whose name has not been released. He reported that he was standing outside the Women’s Center in the east side of downtown Vancouver when he felt severe pain in his leg.

According to him, when he lowered his head, he saw an arrow stuck under his knee. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The victim was able to reach the nearby Insite, a drug injection site, where the staff called 911 for him. His injury is considered not life-threatening, and his knee is expected to only sore for a few days.

The police investigating the case believed that the attack was random.

The arrow appeared to be shot from a fire escape in a nearby building. After investigating the location, the police found a large number of weapons and accessories, including crossbows, imitation assault rifles, scopes, lights and lasers.

“This level of coldness and disregard is shocking,” Sergeant.Steve Addison of Vancouver police The department said in a press statement. “We know that homeless and homeless people are already more likely to be victims of crime than people who live at home. We are doing everything possible to identify those who do this and hold them accountable.”

Addison explained that the discovery of these weapons is not surprising for the downtown Eastside community. He has worked in the area for nine years, and he said it is more common for the police to find such things. Nevertheless, he also called this situation “worrying.”

“All signs indicate that this is a random attack, and we are very worried because the victim is already one of the most vulnerable people in our community,” Addison said.

The suspect was able to escape the building before the police arrived. It is believed that they are either residents of the area or people visiting the area.

“We believe that the archer is either a resident or a visitor who ran away before the police arrived,” Addison continued. “We are continuing to collect evidence and are working to identify the shooter.”

Weekly newspaper The Vancouver Police Department has been contacted for the latest situation.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, this latest attack occurred after another homeless person was recently attacked near Yaletown in Vancouver in July. The authorities believe that the two incidents are not related.

In May, a three-year-old girl in Alabama It is said to have been shot by an arrow Flew over the fence at the graduation party and hit her in the chest. She was airlifted to the hospital by helicopter. According to reports, the arrow missed a few centimeters in the critical area.

picture. Canadian authorities are investigating an arrow attack on a homeless man on Thursday night.

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