As the U.S. continues to expel Haitians, Texas border camps are emptied | IGN Joe Biden News

Nearly 30,000 immigrants, many of them from Haiti, have been camping under the Del Rio International Bridge.

The Texas border camp has cleared temporary shelters set up by approximately 15,000 immigrants as the authorities continue to implement a controversial policy of expelling asylum seekers from the United States.

On Friday, workers cleared the last debris of temporary shelters and tents in Del Rio, Texas, as state police lined up on the banks of the Rio Grande that borders Mexico to block new border crossings.

US Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas (Alejandro Mayorkas) stated that “there are no longer any immigrants in the camp under the Del Rio International Bridge”.

In the past two weeks, nearly 30,000 immigrants have camped under the Del Rio International Bridge, many of them from Haiti.

According to Mayorkas, more than 12,000 immigrants will have the opportunity to be protected before a U.S. immigration judge, and an estimated 8,000 have voluntarily returned to Mexico, and 2,000 have been deported.

With the power of the pandemic depriving people of the opportunity to seek asylum, more people may be deported in the coming days. An American official with direct knowledge of the situation told the Associated Press that there are six flights to Haiti on Friday, seven on Saturday and six on Sunday, but this may change.

Democratic legislators and human rights organizations have Criticize deportation Of Haitian immigrants head to a troubled country that left more than 10 years ago.

Picture of border guards using reins as whips to deter Haitian immigrants Arouse public outrage Earlier this week.

Majorcas said at the press conference: “We know that these images are painfully reminiscent of the worst factor in the ongoing struggle against systemic racism in our country,” and promised to carry out this matter. Investigate quickly.

Bruno Lozano, the mayor of Del Rio, praised the agents’ efforts to provide food and medical services, and said that no one died.

He said his officials are searching for bushes along the Rio Grande to ensure that no one is hiding before the reopening of the international bridge, which will take place as early as Sunday night.

President Joe Biden said the agent’s behavior was “horrible” and that “people will pay for it.”

“This is an embarrassment, but it goes beyond embarrassment-it is dangerous, it is wrong, it sends wrong information around the world, it sends wrong information at home. It’s not who we are at all,” Biden said.

When the administrative department conducted an investigation, the agent was assigned administrative duties.The picture has been prompted Resign U.S. envoy to Haiti.

Mexican officials have met with Haitians who have returned to Mexico in recent days, and they urged them to return to Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala and apply for asylum there.

The United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mexico office issued a statement saying that it is looking for countries where Haitians live or where their children have citizenship as an alternative to allowing them to be deported to Haiti.

According to two people familiar with the matter, Reuters reported on Friday that the International Organization for Migration had formally requested Brazil to accept some Haitians from refugee camps.

Washington provided temporary protection from deportation to Haitians in the United States in May, citing political crises, rights violations, crimes, and lack of access to food, water, and health care in this extremely impoverished country.

However, the Biden administration has been using a policy called Article 42 promulgated by former President Donald Trump in March 2020 to continue deportation, which allows restrictive immigration policies as part of its efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week, a federal judge deemed the policy inappropriate and gave the government two weeks to stop it. The Biden administration has appealed the decision.


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