NASA’s AR graphic novel aims to recruit a new wave of astronauts

NASA clearly Need more astronauts If a program like Artemis is to be successful, it thinks it has a clever sales pitch: a technology-savvy comic.The space agency has Released An augmented reality graphic novel, First woman, Tells the story of the fictional Callie Rodriguez becoming (what else?) the first woman to go to the moon.You can read the first issue of 40 pages as is, but NASA really wants you to download the companion mobile app (for Android with IOS) Or scan the code to experience the environment and objects in a more engaging way.

Point your phone to a special “XR” code (via the app) or QR code (if you prefer the Internet) and you can browse Orion spacecraft, The moon and other objects. You can also play games, watch videos and get badges.

You can also listen to Audio versionNASA also promised to release a Spanish version of the novel at some point in the future.The government is not ashamed of treatment First woman As a recruiting event, but if you want to cultivate your child’s interest in space and science, and may know one or two things about NASA’s long-term plan, then it may be worth downloading.

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