Nintendo is releasing a six-button Genesis controller for Switch, but only in Japan

Next month, Nintendo will provide Switch Online subscribers with purchase opportunities Sega Genesis Games As part of the DLC package with N64 header. In order to make the gaming experience as realistic as possible, the gaming giant also sells wireless N64 and Genesis controllers exclusively to Switch Online users. The gaming giant showed off a three-button Genesis controller in a recent Direct live broadcast in the West.Based on a tweet However, Nintendo Japan will release a six-key version in its home country.

Nintendo has confirmed Polygon The six-key Genesis controller will be sold exclusively in Japan. A representative of Nintendo of the United States told the publication that “different regions will make different decisions based on various factors”, and the three-button mode is the more widely used and well-known version in the United States and Canada. As the publication pointed out, the three-key model appeared first, and the six-key model was only released when fighting games became popular.Play titles such as Street fighter It’s easier to mash with more buttons. Please note, Sega Genesis Mini A three-button controller was also launched outside Japan in 2019, while the Japanese version is equipped with a six-button model.

Even if you find a way to import a Japanese-only controller, it is best to wait until other gamers confirm that it is suitable for consoles in your area. Nintendo does not yet have a release date for the three-button model, but when it hits the market, it will cost you $50.

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