Netflix’s “Witcher” project includes season 3 and children’s series

No, Netflix has not completed the extraction Value of every drop From That wizardThe streaming giant used its TUDUM event to tease the further expansion of its adapted fantasy series.There will be a third season That wizard, As expected, Netflix also revealed a one-second plan Anime movie And, believe it or not, a “Children and Family” series-a bit strange for a fantasy world full of sex, violence and violence Colorful language.

The company did not provide a release date for any new projects.this second season of That wizard It premiered on December 17th.

This is not entirely unexpected. Netflix knows Enjoy success With the first season That wizard, And it is obviously confident enough to prompt renewal months in advance. The extension will capitalize on this craze and make it accessible to a wider audience. It’s just a question of whether the audience is willing to follow, especially when iconic figures like Geralt and Yenif may not participate.

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