Twitter promises to provide better quality for new video uploads

Twitter Indicates that the new video you upload is less pixelated and higher quality. The official Twitter support account revealed that the website has been updated to fix the problem of poor video quality on its platform, which has been a problem for its users since the beginning.Twitter tells edge When you uploaded the video that caused the problem, it removed the preprocessing step. This step obviously divides the clip you are trying to upload into smaller pieces for easier processing, which may reduce the video quality.

The company told the publication that these changes did not take effect on Twitter Media Studio, which gives you access to all the media you have uploaded. In addition, although it is expected that everyone will be able to use the improved video quality, it will only apply to new video uploads and will not be retroactively applied to old videos. Here is an example of a new upload that should be of higher quality:

Although some people say that they hardly notice any difference from the previous ones, others Noticed Full screen compression is less, and adjustments are faster when switching screen sizes. The quality is still not on par with the high-definition video posted on YouTube, but it does look good.As early as 2019, Twitter also make change The way of uploading JPEG to prevent the quality from being reduced when publishing.

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