Russian Putin praised the election as the result of hundreds of protests | Russian Satellite News Agency Election News

When hundreds of people gathered in Moscow to protest the results of the parliamentary elections, President Putin said that they were “open and strictly conducted in accordance with the law.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised last week’s Parliamentary election For “freedom and fairness,” more than 1,000 people gathered in Moscow to protest the results of the polls overshadowed by mass fraud allegations.

“The election itself was conducted in public and strictly in accordance with the law,” Putin said during a meeting with senior politicians of all political parties represented by the new State Duma on Saturday. He pointed out that the New People’s Party now represents a new fifth force in the parliament, which is evidence of the democratic election process.

The final election results were announced on Friday, and 324 of the 450 seats in the State Duma were handed over to the United Russia Party, the ruling party supporting Putin.

Opposition and independent election observers complain Countless violations and systemic fraud.

The rally in central Moscow was convened by the Communist Party, which ranked second with an approval rate of 18.9%. Members’ requests include recounting of votes online,
The opposition’s claims were systematically forged.

“I came here today to express my willingness to be deceived again,” a woman in the protest said.

The protests in Pushkin Square attracted a large number of police officers, roadblocks were erected, and prison transport vehicles were ready. However, no detention was seen during the protests.

Officials played music through loudspeakers, presumably to cover up the communists’ speeches during the protests. The Russian authorities had earlier issued warnings about participating in unauthorized protests.

Last Monday, hundreds of Moscow residents responded to similar appeals for protest from the Communist Party. In the following days, several participants were arrested. The protest monitoring organization OVD-Info stated that it has learned of more than 50 cases of protesters who were subsequently harassed by officials.

The Kremlin stated that it hopes to introduce electronic voting throughout the country in future voting. It used electronic voting in elections in Moscow and several other regions last week.


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