Pakistan and India exchange angry accusations at UN General Assembly | Imran Khan News

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan labelled the Indian government “fascism” because India accused its neighbors of breeding “terror”.

In the conflict between India and Pakistan in the United Nations, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused his opponents of imposing a “rule of terror” against Muslims, incurring severe condemnation.

Even for Pakistan, which often condemns India in world institutions, Khan’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday was published via video due to COVID-19 preventive measures, and he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of planning to “clear India”. Muslim”.

In the pre-recorded speech broadcast in the evening, the Prime Minister of Pakistan touched on a series of topics, including climate change, global Islamophobia, and “the plundering of developing countries by corrupt elites in developing countries.”

But Khan kept the harshest words to India, and once again referred to Modi’s Indian nationalist government as “fascism.”

“The worst and most widespread form of Islamophobia now rules India,” Khan said in his speech.

“The hateful Hindu ideology, spread by the fascist RSS-BJP regime, has unleashed fear and violent rule on India’s 200 million powerful Muslim community,” he said.

Khan refers to Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party and affiliated Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is a Hindu revival movement with a century-old history with paramilitary elements.

Under Modi’s leadership, India cancelled Kashmir’s autonomy, Kashmir’s only Muslim-majority region, promoted the passage of a citizenship law that critics called discriminatory, and witnessed violence based on religion. Repeated outbreaks.

On the day Modi visited the White House, Khan, who had not yet spoken to President Joe Biden, claimed that the business interests of more than 1 billion Indians allowed him to “freeze human rights violations with complete impunity.”

“Pakistan fosters terrorists”

Although India often ignored Pakistan’s statements in the world’s institutions, a young Indian diplomat who was present exercised his right to respond to Khan.

The First Secretary of the Indian Mission to the United Nations, Sneha Dube, accused Pakistan of asylum and beautification of Al-Qaeda’s mastermind Osama bin Laden, who was taken by U.S. special forces during a raid in the military city of Abbottabad in 2011 Killed.

She said: “This is a country of arsonists who pretend to be arsonists.”

“Pakistan raises terrorists in the backyard, hoping that they will only harm neighboring countries.”

She highlighted Pakistan’s violence against ethnic minorities and the “religious and cultural genocide” when Bangladesh won independence in 1971.

“Unlike Pakistan, India is a pluralistic democracy with a large number of ethnic minorities who hold the highest positions in the country,” Dolby said.

Her answer triggered another response. Pakistani diplomat Saima Salim disputed Dube’s argument that Kashmir, which is partly controlled by Islamabad, is an internal problem.

Modi is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly in person on Saturday the day after the bilateral meeting with Biden.


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