Volvo’s concept charging gives us a glimpse of the company’s “pure” electric vehicles

To date, Volvo’s electric cars Branches of existing automotive platforms (Yes, even Polaris 2), but now it’s ready to show what it can do when building an EV from scratch.The brand has Unveil The concept charging design shows the future direction of the company’s “pure” electric vehicles-both in terms of aesthetics and technology.

Concept Recharge discarded the usual engine compartment and stuffed the large battery into the flat floor. Of course, this will bring more interior space, but it will also result in a shorter overhang, a lower hood and a smoother roof profile. This also provides Volvo with an excuse to simplify its appearance-Concept Recharge removes “all unnecessary elements”. Although it has the advantages of an SUV, it looks more like a tall hatchback.


The interior is also stripped away and is likened to the “Scandinavian living room”. However, you will still get a lot of technology, including a digital dashboard and a 15-inch infotainment touch screen.Volvo’s love for safety can be seen in the roof installation Lidar sensor Collect environmental data and (eventually) enable autonomous driving.

There is no mention of whether Concept Recharge will evolve into a production car, or when you can expect the first electric cars based on this formula. However, what is certain is that many design clues and basic technical ideas will apply to a car you can actually buy.It’s just a question of whether Volvo can compete with many planned competitors Electric cars from scratch In the next few years.

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