ArtVerse prepares for upcoming pre-sale on Bitrue | By Capital | Capital | September 2021


Artistic poetry, A blockchain-based art platform, is preparing for pre-sale on Bitrue. The platform plans to distribute ArtVerse’s native token AVT, and the event will be launched on September 27.Currently, Bitrue is Hold a warm-up match Before the pre-sale date, a gift of 13 billion AVT will be provided.

Users can take advantage of the 4 options provided on the platform. The first gift involves BTR holders, and you will receive an airdrop based on the amount of BTR you hold. To participate in this giveaway, you need to register for the airdrop on the Bitrue event page.

The second giveaway requires you to share the event on social media platforms in order to have a chance to get a random amount of AVT between 1-100,000. In addition, anyone who shares it on Twitter will automatically win a prize of 1 million AVT.

The third gift involves you sharing activities and getting valid recommendations, with a chance to get 100,000 AVT. It is worth noting that all recommendations should successfully pass KYC verification. After the referrer is verified, you will receive the reward immediately.

If your referrer buys AVT during the pre-sale period, the last giveaway will give you a bonus. The division of the prize pool will depend on the number of referrals purchased and the total number. ArtVerse will issue all rewards except the third gift at 1300 on September 30.

AVT token pre-sale

The following is a breakdown of the remaining tokens:

  • 10% for private sales
  • Foundation operations-25%
  • Team-20%
  • Community production agriculture-15%
  • Development cost-10%

According to Bitrue Twitter posts On September 23, AVT production farming has kicked off; users can pledge their coins for passive income. It motivates this process by providing rewards to users participating in the equity pool.

Users will use the token to pay transaction fees on the ArtVerse platform, and all fees are charged at 5%. 50% will reward users who pledge tokens, while the other half will help strengthen the platform’s content creators to obtain better art.

Finally, token holders will gain the additional advantage of obtaining governance and voting rights; they can participate in the decision-making process on the platform.

By registering on Bitrue, make sure to be a part of all gifts and upcoming pre-sales.Also, don’t forget to be part of ArtVerse’s growing community Twitter Want more information.

About ArtVerse

The project is using blockchain technology to conduct transparent and immutable transactions on its platform. Creators have a trustworthy creative space, and at the same time have a good circulation in the market. The lack of middlemen eliminates the associated additional costs and helps content creators maximize their returns.

ArtVerse works on the Ethereum blockchain, which has a reputation in the crypto industry. It provides a broad space for value-added and cross-chain communication. In addition, it provides much-needed resources for the development of NFT. Currently, ArtVerse is making full use of the economic structure of ERC-20, ERC-172 and ERC-1155 tokens.

ArtVerse further explores the future of data storage through a technology similar to IPFS. This factor increases the security of the platform, because unauthorized parties cannot change the data on their chain.

About Bizhen

You can trade your cryptocurrency, invest through its high-interest BTR lock, obtain Bitrue loans, participate in advanced trading options, to name a few. In addition, it has access to the lucrative cryptocurrencies on the market today, and you can invest. ArtVerse will benefit greatly from the liquidity of the exchange and the vast user base.

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