Litigation financing company Liti Capital uses ScamBusters Initiative to tackle crypto fraud head-on | By Capital | Capital | September 2021

Litigation funding provider provides 250,000 wLITI token rewards for new crypto fraud cases


Geneva, Switzerland-September 22, 2021: Litty Capital SA, This Swiss-based litigation funding provider uses blockchain technology to disrupt private equity investments and is launching Scam stopper, A revolutionary new tool that allows users to vote on which cryptocurrency-focused cases the company should take next.

Fraud in cryptocurrency and blockchain is widespread. This year will set a record for investment fraud: 14,079 investment fraud cases were reported to the FTC in the first quarter of 2021, and in this quarter alone, victims lost $215 million. Liti Capital is using its expertise in selecting, funding and winning court cases, and invites consumers to vote on which scams should be pursued in court next.

“The idea that crooks can operate freely in the crypto field without facing the consequences of their actions must end to bring trust and change our society’s perception of blockchain and crypto projects,” said Andy Christian, CVO/COO and Liti Capital.

Liti Capital has pledged to use 5% to 10% of its annual investment budget to fund cases that affect its community members. Any holder of LITI or wLITI tokens can report alleged fraud to the company.

ScamBusters is a community voting event used to select crypto fraud cases that Liti Capital will prosecute. Holders of LITI and wLITI tokens can use their tokens without having to spend money to vote for the cases they consider the most valuable. The more tokens they have, the more voting rights they can exercise. Voters in the winning case will share up to 250,000 wLITI rewards, which are distributed in proportion to their votes.

Once community members submit a case on the ScamBusters website, Liti Capital will instruct its team of legal experts in 140 countries/regions to explore the details of the case.

The selected cases will then be presented to community members, and the case with the highest number of votes will be added to Liti Capital’s portfolio. Community voting began on September 23, 2021, and the first winning case was announced on October 15, 2021.

“If cryptocurrency will become the de facto way for people to participate in the Web3 world, trust, regulation, and a strong legal system are all part of this puzzle,” said Jonas King, CEO and Liti Capital.

Liti Capital is using blockchain technology to bring the litigation asset class together with LITI tokens to everyone. LITI tokens are equity tokens and are shares of Liti Capital SA. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to participate in the high-performance litigation financing market that previously only elite investors could participate in.

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