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The latest celebrity athlete to enter the field of NFT is NBA star John Wall and his pioneering project Baby Ballers. We have seen Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Odell Beckham Jr. and others have recently entered the field of encryption and NFT. Some people decide to create their own NFT platform/project, while others work with some of the largest platforms to plan their own drop.

John Wall’s fascination with the NFT world

John Wall recently showed his interest in the NFT field on Twitter. Since then, the NFT community has welcomed him with open arms. Although most fans recommended their favorite NFT project to him via Twitter, many people suggested that he create his own NFT project.

This suggestion fascinated John Wall the most, because he wanted to know the process and journey of creating an NFT. Once he starts to understand the process of creating an NFT, he wants to create his own project, which will be supported by a good cause.

Good career

The biggest reason in John Wall’s life is his children. Not only does he want to inspire his children, but he also wants to support children around the world by cooperating with his foundation, the John Wall Family Foundation.

In the past few years, John Wall’s Foundation is a fully registered charitable organization that has helped thousands of people. From distributing food on Thanksgiving to cooperating with the Salvation Army to donate back to school, John Wall’s foundation has provided a lot of blessings to young people.

Now, John has set his sights on combining the NFT space with his charity organization. He plans to benefit from the upcoming NFT decline to help fund youth sports, and the plan aims to inspire children to achieve any goal by implementing this project.

NFT project

John Wall recently announced the launch of his own NFT project called-Baby Ballers. He plans to start the project on September 30, 2021, when 4,000 mints will be provided to the public.

After getting to know some designs first through their website, parents and NFT enthusiasts all over the world will appreciate his efforts. NFT itself has a unique baby with different sports characteristics.

The roadmap for the project seems very promising, because NFT holders can get side tickets, jerseys and other items as gifts. This is definitely the NFT project you want to follow!

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