TangoChain launches the world’s first 100% game blockchain platform | Capital | Capital | September 2021


Tango Chain Announced the launch of the world’s first 100% blockchain consisting of game applications, game earning games and NFT. It is the first blockchain for game consoles that fully supports gaming platforms.

The blockchain project aims to allow gamers to obtain huge profits and create non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The third generation of blockchain

The first generation belongs to pioneers like Bitcoin and its first fork, such as Litecoin with Bitcoin CashThey introduced to the public the concept of cryptocurrency as a decentralized currency with an open ledger system.

The birth of Ethereum and DeFi ushered in the second generation of blockchain. DeFi has opened up the blockchain world for a large number of applications, tokens, and passive income generating functions. At present, most dynamic blockchain projects are hosted by this generation of blockchain.

TangoChain may usher in the third generation of blockchain. The hallmark of this generation is a fully specialized blockchain whose infrastructure and services match its role. In contrast, TangoChain focuses entirely on games and NFT functions instead of adding them as functions.

The blockchain has an optimized infrastructure to support as many innovations as possible in the game world. Compared with other blockchain platforms, the platform also integrates protocols that feel more native.

Proof of Game Consensus Protocol

To understand how it works, it may be helpful to review some common consensus protocols. Bitcoin and Ethereum use Proof of Work Consensus. Miners verify transactions by solving a difficult calculation equation called a hash. For the proof-of-stake agreement, users pledge their encrypted assets to verify the transaction.

TangoChain’s game proof enables users to protect the network and verify transactions by simply enjoying their favorite games. All along, their gaming efforts will be rewarded, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Zk SNARKs proof

The process is concise, which means that these proofs are easy to verify because they are small. It holds true even if the verification process is very complicated.

It is non-interactive because it does not require continuous communication between the initiator and the verifier. One’s gaming experience will not be interrupted by the annoying issues related to transaction verification.

Argumentation refers to the way of formally citing proofs. On the other hand, knowledge refers to the level at which the prover can prove its existence.

The attestation process allows Tango’s game attestation protocol to be implemented in a faster and more energy-efficient way.

The console is native

It has a local wallet and does not need to seek off-chain services at all. The wallet comes with a user chip, which can be exchanged for convenience.

Therefore, gamers with little technical experience can easily access the complete game catalog. It can be accessed on Android, allowing users to play at their convenience.

The game world is on the cusp of a revolution

But Tango is working on creating a third-generation blockchain. As far as its infrastructure is concerned, it relies 100% on games and provides a good user experience. The agreement enables people to make profits while enjoying the platform while opening up the platform for game innovation. It is safe to say that the game world may be on the verge of huge changes and revolutions.

The birth of the tango chain

  • Seed round 5%: (25% TGE, 3 months lock-in & 24 months linear vest)
  • Strategic round 5%: (15% TGE, 3 months lock-in & 18 months linear vest)
  • Private round 5%: 5% (15% TGE, 2 months lock-in & 12 months linear vest)
  • International Development Organization 5%: Unlock
  • Consultant 5%: (25% TGE / 24 months linear vest)
  • Team 15%: 22,500,000,000–7 years vested
  • Liquidity 30%: Unlock
  • Development 20%: (0% TGE / 60 months linear vest)
  • Reward 10%: (0% TGE / 60 months linear vest)

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