How to stay cool without air conditioning and prevent heat exhaustion

If you haven’t Recently discovered that the earth is getting hotter Climate change is the culprit, With a little heat island effect-when urban space absorbs heat-can also make the situation worse. This summer, the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada are experiencing the hottest temperatures ever, the southwestern and northeastern United States are boiling again, and the West Coast is entering the crazy McXian wildfire season, which will cause once-in-a-lifetime destruction. happens very often. This is the only planet we have, at least until we have enough people living on Mars, so you might as well learn some techniques for dealing with high temperatures.

Air conditioner is Still a luxury in order to A lot of people, Even in the United States and Canada, it is not ubiquitous. In addition, people trying to reduce their environmental footprint often choose not to use energy-consuming air conditioners, which increase the temperature of the city by sending heat to the outside. In addition, during untimely heat waves, the power supply may be cut off. This guide provides tips on how to stay cool in extreme heat and without air conditioning.

Update June 2021: We have added a section about floor and desktop fans.

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Signs of heatstroke and heatstroke

This handy guide provided by the CDC explains the different types of heat-related diseases.

Photo: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, if you are not careful, heat will sneak into your body.

Heatstroke It is the result of overheating, dehydration and other factors that overload the body’s cooling system, which leads to many problems. People with heatstroke can be aggressive and confused.

as a Field first responder, I deal with people with heatstroke, this is one of the hardest parts of the role, because they usually don’t want to get help. I have met many people suffering from it on hiking trails, climbing routes, and kayaking launch points. I try to let them sit down, drink cold water, and eat salty snacks. People like free snacks. And smile.

heart disease It is an escalation of heat exhaustion that lasts too long. People in this condition are in serious danger and need someone to take immediate action to save their lives. Their skin is usually red, their pulse is fast and powerful, their body temperature is extremely high (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit), and they are usually over-checked and unable to argue with you. They may also be unconscious and unable to receive food or water. Let them sit in the shade, apply cold water-soaked fabric to all four main arterial areas (groin, armpits, and back of the neck) and seek help immediately.


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