RedFOX Labs acquired MYMEDIA Digital in Myanmar and changed its name to RFOX MEDIA | By Capital | Capital | September 2021


Manila, Philippines — Myanmar’s largest digital marketing platform MYMEDIA Digital has been renamed Ruifu Media, New media company, as the brand and marketing department of the blockchain-driven ecosystem created by Southeast Asian venture capitalists Red Fox LabThe rebranding was carried out after RedFOX Labs acquired MYMEDIA in February 2021.

The new RFOX MEDIA joint venture strengthens MYMEDIA’s market-leading platform, which connects consumers directly to brands and influencers in the food, fashion, sports and entertainment sectors. Advertisers cooperating with MYMEDIA include global brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Nestlé, Lenovo, Grab, Oppo, Realme, VIVO, GrandRoyal and so on. The MYMEDIA Facebook page also reflects the rebranding of RFOX MEDIA. Together with all social media channels and websites, it has 13 million fans and 40 million page impressions, driven by 20 million minutes of monthly video clips and other content to expand its coverage To 30 million users per month.

As part of the rebranding and further integration of the RFOX Ecosystem, RFOX MEDIA has launched a new Burmese and English bilingual website, which not only reflects its position as a digital marketing leader in Myanmar, but also reflects its difference in Myanmar in the next phase. Field development. The world initially regarded Southeast Asia as a fast-developing regional hub. RFOX MEDIA’s expansion plan will promote the further growth of its already impressive social media metrics so far obtained in only one country.

In the projected international growth, RFOX MEDIA continues to strive to maintain its market leadership in Myanmar by leveraging the many products and services of the RFOX ecosystem. Earlier this month, RFOX MEDIA launched RFOX Run, which is a jumping and running casual game to be launched in Myanmar. It will launch a new game reward mode called Play-to-Eat, which is a response to the growing popularity Innovation of the Play-to-Earn model. Through Play-to-Eat, all winning players from Myanmar can quickly get free food vouchers, which they can redeem on foodpanda, Myanmar’s leading food delivery service.

Expect more such innovations as RFOX MEDIA helps expand the utility of the RFOX token through partnerships in gaming, e-commerce, digital finance, and more industries, as well as new solutions such as the upcoming RFOX TV streaming service.

Rene Heumueller, Chief Operating Officer of RFOX MEDIA, Commented:

“In our process of building RFOX MEDIA, I am very happy to be a member of RedFOX Labs. I am passionate about building products and services that can improve people’s lives, and this is where I should go. The RFOX MEDIA team is based on MYMEDIA. Based on a team, and using years of experience and content library. This provides us with a strong lead in a fiercely competitive environment, especially as we expand our international business.”

Ben Fairbank, CEO and co-founder of RedFOX Labs, Commented:

“The rebranding of MYMEDIA to RFOX MEDIA is the first step to apply our expertise in expanding technology and building integration and interoperability, providing exponential value for digital marketing platforms preparing to expand to Southeast Asia and other regions.

Our acquisition of MYMEDIA earlier this year allows us to build equivalent platforms in other Southeast Asian countries. Global advertisers using Rolodex are already using MYMEDIA, and they are working hard to gain exposure in the region. Southeast Asia has 360 million Internet users, of which 104 million are between 25 and 34 years old-this is the most valuable age group for major advertisers. “

RedFOX Labs is a Southeast Asian venture capital company that identifies and establishes a successful business model for the market in the region. It focuses on releasing the true market value of Southeast Asia’s digital economy for high consumer demand services such as e-commerce, e-media, e-travel, and e-sports/games, and focuses on using emerging technologies to add value to the digital economy, such as blockchain. As a company, its value can be passed through its native token ($RFOX).

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