Spherium and Top Starz collaborate to cultivate innovative athlete-centric NFTs | By Capital | Capital | September 2021


As we have seen, NFTs are formed in the most surreal way, creating ways for artists to help them share their most important moments with the community and fans.

One such community is professional sports athletes who find a large influx of fans to learn about their favorite athletes and their unforgettable moments.

Spherium is building solutions on top of DeFi to clearly support such plans. To this end, we came across one of such NFT platforms, which covers multiple sports types and their athletes in the NFT multiverse.

In view of this, Spherium Finance is pleased to announce its partnership with Top star, A sports-focused NFT platform that allows users to collect athletes and their most memorable moments.

As part of the transaction, Spherium’s HyperSwap protocol —— A fully decentralized cross-chain interoperability bridge built on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain to create liquidity and exchange tokens — will serve as a platform for hosting the Top Starz NFT project.

Sash Jeetun, co-founder of Spherium Finance, commented on the partnership: “We are very happy to collaborate with Top Starz and showcase its NFT on our HyperSwap platform. We believe this collaboration will strengthen our relationship and drive the revolution and adoption of athlete-centric NFTs.”

Stefan of Top Starz said:

“We are very happy to work with Spherium Finance. They are a force that cannot be ignored in the DeFi field. We are absolutely confident that this partnership will help us redefine the athlete-based NFT market and bring great value to the entire community.

Our HyperLend platform brings together lenders, borrowers, and liquidity providers for seamless transactions; our Hyperswap infrastructure allows users to exchange tokens between multiple wallets with one click.

To learn more about $SPHRI, please visit our website: www.spherium.financeAnd contact us:

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Top Starz launched the “Extreme Surfing Series” to launch their NFT series, which includes athletes such as Andrew Cotton and Rodrigo Koxa. Although their collection platform and tokens are expected to be launched in the new year, you can go to their social media handles to get real-time updates of new series releases and sports from football, football, surfing, golf, skateboarding, hockey, etc. Real-time updates of new athletes and e-sports.

website: https://topstarz.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarzTop

telegraph: https://t.me/StarzTop

Discord: https://discord.gg/YzKvYPQv6r

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