New Year’s Countdown


James Davis

This is the 24th part of our DecEmber series-“New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days Ember Plugin”. Highlight a new plug-in every day until the beginning of the new year, we hope you enjoy learning with us!

24th day

Today we will look at writing applications in TypeScript-using Embers cli typescript.

What can it do

This ember-cli-typescript The plugin sets up everything you need to start using TypeScript in Ember applications and plugins. This includes not only configuring Babel to handle TypeScript, but also type checking at build time, in-browser type error reporting, and a set of custom blueprints for generating all types of TypeScript versions from routing and controllers to services to components. ember-cli-typescript It also helps plug-in authors write their plug-ins in TypeScript by handling automatic pre-compilation and type definition generation at the time of release.

Why i like it

Static typing is a lifesaver, especially in ambitious applications with complex structures and many moving parts. It helps speed up development through rich auto-completion functions and by catching type errors in the editor and during build. It provides a safe network when refactoring or upgrading. Frankly speaking, I don’t want to develop without it. Plug-ins written in TypeScript are pleasant to use because they come with type definitions that help ensure that you use them correctly.

I like ember-cli-typescript Because it handles all the Ember + TypeScript integration for you and provides a very good set of has Great documentation, Not only how to use ember-cli-typescript, But about how to use TypeScript effectively in Ember.Most importantly, a strong typewriter community has formed ember-cli-typescript Many of these people can be Ember community discord Get ready to answer your Ember + TypeScript questions at #e-typescript!

You use ember-cli-typescript? Or what else can use TypeScript (or other languages) in Ember? We would love to hear that you like December’s Ember plugin in the comments below!

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