Instagram is developing a paid story subscription feature

Instagram has confirmed that it is developing a new feature called “Exclusive Stories.”Since June 21st, pictures of the Stories branch have been circulated on the Internet after software developers Alessandro Paruzzi Share on Twitter that they found a reference to the feature in the Instagram code base.On Wednesday, the company told Technology crisis The screenshot shows its internal prototype working behind the scenes. Unfortunately, Instagram did not reveal any other details about the project, and pointed out that when Engadget reached out to help, it had no more content to share.

But we can understand from the screenshots that this feature is paid by Instagram to Twitter Super Follow SubscriptionWhen ordinary users stumble upon an exclusive story, Instagram will tell them that “only members” can view the content. The company also seems to prevent people from trying to intercept what they see. At the same time, it will push creators to save their exclusive stories in highlights so that new members can see some content when they subscribe.

Like any insight provided by someone discovering an early reference for a new feature, Instagram may never publish a feature discovered by Paluzzi. But these pictures clearly show that the company is considering how to attract creators to stay on the platform. If it means adapting to the function of one of its competitors, so be it. Facebook and Instagram have Have done it many times in the past.

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