AT&T will soon enable RCS messaging for all Android phones

AT&T is the latest operator to set Google Messages as the default messaging service for all Android device customers. This move will replace the default messaging system SMS with rich communication service technology, which is an open standard that prioritizes media, eliminates character restrictions, and generally upgrades the traditional SMS experience.

RCS unlocks the ability to share full-resolution photos and send larger media files than SMS can handle. It simplifies group chats, enables end-to-end encryption for one-to-one conversations, and it can work over Wi-Fi or data . The transition of AT&T customers will happen soon, according to Google.

Google has been promoting the development of the mobile industry to RCS for many years, and it has finally caught up. T-Mobile is transforming By the end of this year, Google’s Messages, and RCS messaging, now AT&T is doing the same thing.

However, Verizon has not yet announced its plans to adopt RCS-for that matter, Apple has not announced either.

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