New Year’s Countdown


Kelly Selden

This is the 26th issue of our December series-“New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days of Ember Plugin”. We plan to highlight a new plug-in every day before the new year, and we hope you can join us!

Day 26

Let’s focus on how to update projects with Ember Embers cli update.

What can it do

In addition to package updates like ember-source and ember-cli, there are more files that will be updated when a new version of Ember is released.If you have not tracked these file changes (in a similar way), you may miss adjustments to testem.js or .eslintrc.js Embers new output). Ember-cli-update was created to update these types of files and change package.json for you. It can also run codemods against your newly installed version.

A new feature is coming soon, it can maintain any blueprint, not just the official Ember blueprint. The idea is that you can develop a blueprint for your organization and keep your project up to date like ember-cli-update today. You can also keep the default blueprints of the attached plugins (ember-cli-mirage, ember-cli-deploy, etc.) up to date in the same way.
RFC is here.

Why i like it

I maintain countless Ember applications and plugins. Without this tool, I would have burned out!

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