With the deepening of the Orcus dispute, the French defense minister “postpones” the UK talks | Military News

As Paris continued to vent its anger at the new security agreement, Florence Palley withdrew from the meeting with his British counterparts.

France withdraws from defense negotiations with Britain Diplomatic dispute A new security agreement between the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

French Defense Minister Florence Parry was originally scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace in London this week and will speak at an event held by the French-British Commission.

But according to a report by the BBC on Monday, Lord Ricketts, the co-chair of the committee, former British national security adviser and ambassador to Paris, and former British national security adviser, said the rally had been “postponed to a later date”.

A British defense source who asked not to be named confirmed to the British Palestine News Agency that the meeting had been “postponed, not cancelled.”

Parley’s move came after Britain, the United States and Australia announced last week that they had established a new trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific region, called Aukus.

As part of the agreement, Australia stated that it will terminate a multi-billion-dollar agreement reached with the French Naval Group in 2016, which aims to build a fleet of conventional submarines and instead purchase at least eight ships using American and British technology. Nuclear-powered submarine.

The news angered Paris and prompted the administration of President Emmanuel Macron Recall its ambassador From Washington and Canberra.

London did not take such a step. French European Minister Clement Bohn stated that this was because the United Kingdom was a “junior partner” accepting the “subsidiary” of the United States.

Bohn told reporters that Britain is subordinate to the United States on foreign policy issues after Brexit, accusing London of returning to Washington’s “circle.”

British Prime Minister provides assurance to Paris

American, British and Australian officials tried to ease France’s anger by assuring Paris that it remains an important ally.

In a recent attempt of this kind, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Macron on Monday not to “worry” about the Orcus Agreement and claimed that despite the diplomatic turmoil, the relationship between Britain and France was “very friendly.”

“Our love for France is indelible,” Johnson told reporters as he flew to New York to attend the upcoming UN General Assembly.

“Aukus does not mean zero-sum, nor does it mean exclusiveness. This is not something anyone needs to worry about, especially our French friends.”

At the same time, Australia’s Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce stated that Australia does not need to prove its “affinity and affection” for France, and pointed out that during the two world wars, thousands of Australians were in French land. Was killed on.

Joyce said: “Australia does not need to prove…they are determined to take care of freedom, liberty and equality in France,” presided over the meeting in the absence of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is currently visiting France. . US.

Canberra has repeatedly emphasized the importance of French relations in recent days, but has also defended the Aukus agreement, which is in Australia’s national interest.

The deal was considered to counter China’s growing influence, and China firmly condemned the agreement.

Beijing claims that the alliance will destabilize the Indo-Pacific region and undermine global security.


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