New Yorkers are required to turn off electricity to avoid power outages in hot weather

New York City residents were asked to limit their electricity consumption on Wednesday to avoid power outages during the hot heat wave.

“We are now experiencing a high temperature emergency and we need people to take immediate action,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Because of the high temperatures we are experiencing today, our power system is now dealing with real stress.”

De Blasio continued: “We face real challenges. So this is the message to all New Yorkers: immediately reduce the use of electricity in your home or business. This is a very serious matter.

Bai Sihao also called on New Yorkers to reduce the use of air conditioners and avoid the use of power-hungry appliances such as washing machines, dryers and microwave ovens.

New York City Emergency Management Commissioner John Scrivani also delivered a speech at the press conference, detailing some local power outages that occurred due to extreme high temperatures. He said a power outage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, caused approximately 1,700 customers to lose power.

“Con Edison and the emergency management team are there to assist the community,” Scrovani said, adding that the utility company is distributing dry ice and is using MTA buses as a “mobile cooling center.”

Scrivani also said that he hopes that the mayor’s message will encourage residents to limit energy use to reduce the risk of “any major power outage”.

De Blasio said at the end of the press conference: “For so many days, such high heat has put tremendous pressure on all power systems. We all need to take action now, so I ask every New Yorker to do this. Part of it. Turn off anything you don’t need right now. Any electricity you can turn off, turn off. Turn your air-conditioning temperature up a bit. It may not be so comfortable, but it will help us avoid power outages.”

Calling for New Yorkers to limit electricity consumption comes as the city is facing a wave of intense heat, with temperatures in multiple areas hitting record highs.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) called on New Yorkers to limit electricity consumption to reduce the possibility of widespread blackouts during the heat wave. Above, people cool off in the public fountain in Washington Square Park.
Spencer Pratt/Getty

The National Weather Service of New York City issued a high temperature warning, saying that the highest temperature in the city and surrounding areas can reach 104 degrees. Late Wednesday, the National Weather Service announced that temperatures at both Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and LaGuardia Airport in Queens had reached record highs.

“Both Newark and LaGuardia broke the highest temperature in history on June 30. LaGuardia reached 98 degrees, while Newark reached 101 degrees! This is the second day in a row that these sites tied or broke the record high ,” the National Weather Service tweeted.

Both Newark and LaGuardia broke the 6/30 high temperature record. LaGuardia reached 98, and Newark reached 101! This is the second day in a row that these websites have tied or broke the record high. #NYwx #NJwx

-NWS New York New York (@NWSNewYorkNY) June 30, 2021

Weekly newspaper After contacting De Blasio’s office for further comment, he was led to De Blasio’s speech at a press conference.

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