Clubhouse is developing a new way of inviting friends to chat called “Wave”

club More than just an app, you can launch it to participate in celebrity speeches. It has different types of rooms for you to use, including rooms where you can have intimate and private conversations with your friends-in the future, you may be able to invite them to chat by “wave” at them. Jane Manchun Wong, known for finding hidden experimental features in reverse engineering applications, discovered that Clubhouse is working on a new method of inviting contacts for audio conversations.

If the feature is widely released, Clubhouse will add a “Wave” button to the user’s profile, which looks similar to the Wave button you see when you first contact someone on Messenger. Clicking on it will let your friends know that you want to chat, and if they respond, the app will only open a room for you.

Clubhouse was originally an invitation-only iOS audio application, you must be on the waiting list to enter.However, in the past few months, it Released Apps for Android and Open It opens the door to everyone.Famous people like Elon Musk mark Zuckerberg Previously, it was used as a venue for holding meetings in an open-plan room, where users could have open conversations with the audience. However, this feature may make it more suitable for casual use, and can persuade users not to jump on another app when talking with family and friends.

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