Bill Cosby was released from prison and the state Supreme Court stopped any further prosecutions

After Pennsylvania, Bill Cosby will be released from prison Supreme Court Issue an opinion to revoke his conviction.

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Cosby’s lawyers appealed to the court in December, arguing that the life of the former actor and comedian had been tried and that he had suffered unquantifiable prejudice. The Supreme Court agreed to review two aspects of the case-one is about the judge’s decision to let the prosecutor summon five more plaintiffs in addition to the plaintiff, Andre Constante, and the other is about Cosby’s argument that he is with the former The officials reached an agreement that he would never be charged.

After a jury found him guilty of three serious indecent assaults in 2018, the 83-year-old has been detained in a state prison outside Philadelphia. He was considered a “predator of sexual violence” and “posed an imminent security risk to women.”

In the court opinion issued today, the judges wrote: “There is only one remedy that can completely restore Cosby. He must be released and any future prosecutions of these specific allegations must be prohibited. We have no objection to this. This remedy is severe and rare. But it is necessary here, and it is indeed forced.”

“For these reasons, Cosby’s conviction and sentence were revoked and he was released,” the opinion added.

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