Slack is getting Discord-like audio features called “Huddles”

Slack has just become the latest company to adopt real-time audio.Messaging application is launching a new, similar to Discord’s chat function According to the company, this feature and new collaboration tools for sharing pre-recorded audio and video are designed to provide an alternative to the “endless stream of meetings” that dominated the calendars of many office workers during the pandemic.

Huddles allows Slack users to create impromptu parties in direct messages or existing channels. When a participant starts Huddle, other members can quickly join and chat in real time, just like in Discord. Although it means “no camera”, Huddles does support screen sharing for an extra layer of collaboration.

Slack said that this feature is a good alternative to voice or video calls because it is a less stressful way for employees to chat quickly without scheduling meetings. Tamar Yehoshua, the company’s chief product officer, likens Huddle to impromptu conversations that take place in the office but not often in remote work. “It’s as if you see people gathering in a conference room, you just put your head in and leave when you’re ready,” she said in a briefing with reporters.


Although Slack is the latest in a long list of companies embracing the audio trends initiated by Clubhouse, the company says it is responding to changes in the way it works during the pandemic. After working at home for more than a year, It is true.At the same time, many workers may Back to the office-at least, not full time. Therefore, it is not surprising that Slack will react to these changes.

Similarly, when everyone is not online at the same time, the company is also addressing the need for collaboration.This Its recently previewed feature will now be available. The app also introduces new tools to share video, voice, and screen recordings in Slack.

Although the app already allows users to exchange video files in chat, the new tool goes one step further. Users can record and share locally in a channel, and other team members can respond with their own videos or recordings. They also include real-time subtitles, recordings and accompanying transcriptions can all be searched after the fact.

Finally, Slack also showed its business users a new catalog tool called Slack Atlas. This feature adds more information to Slack’s existing profile, such as an organization chart and employee start dates. It can also integrate with existing tools such as Workday to automatically extract relevant details into the employee’s Slack profile.

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