YouTube will play UEFA Women’s Champions League for free

In the next two seasons, football fans around the world will be able to watch the UEFA Women’s Champions League for free. Every game of the 2021-23 season will be broadcast live.It has reached an agreement with UEFA and sports streaming services , which one Sold out UWCL broadcast rights for the next four years.

In addition to the Middle East, North Africa and China and its territories, in the next two seasons, fans from all over the world can live and on-demand all 61 games (excluding qualifying games) on DAZN’s YouTube channel.In the next two seasons (2023-24 and 2024-25), DAZN will broadcast each game live on its own platform, which is now available on . You can still watch 19 games on YouTube each season.

The broadcast protocol will be launched in the new format of UWCL. UEFA will introduce 16 group matches this season, similar to the men’s Champions League format. Previously, this was a double-leg knockout in a singles final. The group stage of the 2021-22 season will start on October 5.

For football fans in most parts of the world, this is an opportunity to capture the games of some of the best players on the planet without paying extra (as long as they have a good internet connection and a device to watch YouTube ). This deal should give UWCL more exposure than in the past, and it may inspire more children to participate in the sport.

Over the years, streaming services have been competing for football copyright. This is an important deal for DAZN and any of YouTube’s sports ambitions. Holds the English broadcast rights of the men’s version of the game in the United States. Univision’s TUDN plays the game in Spanish.

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