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Call for videos for EmberConf’s keynote speech📢, Ember 3.16 is released🚀, Minesweeper meets Ember Octane💣, check your first published plugin journey📅, 2020 Ember community survey📝, and learn how to forward element modifiers in 10 minutes ⏰!

Hi, Emberenos! It’s me, Yehuda.

I’m collecting some video Human embers story May be used for this year’s EmberConf keynote speech.

You can make videos as long or as short as you want, but if you are unsure, 2 minutes may be a good target length.

Here are some topics you can cover to help flesh out your story:

  1. What were you doing before becoming a web developer or a member of the Ember community?
  2. What made you try Ember?
  3. As a member of the Ember community, do you like your experience?

Don’t feel limited to the details about Ember’s features. Feel free to talk about intangible details, such as the feeling of being part of a co-working community, your experience of Ember’s evolution, or your own evolution as a developer.

please Send your video End of the year March 1, Your time is https://airtable.com/shrYpEeT3xtyst5Gq. If you have any questions, please send an email to wycats@gmail.com.

Thank you for your help!

A kind new The Ember version is here! Man 3.16 It is an incremental, backward compatible version with bug fixes, performance improvements and minor deprecations.Whether you are at the forefront or 1.x, be sure to refer to the official People Blog When looking for release details!

It’s that time of the year again 😀, 2020 6th Annual Official Ember Community Survey here! Once again, we hope you can help understand the members of the Ember community and how they use the framework.

More than 1,200 people participated in the survey last year. All these participations and your participation over the years have generated enough investment to make the process more efficient. This year’s survey has been greatly reduced compared to previous years!So it should be easier to make than ever contribution Pay tribute to our community by filling out the questionnaire-let us continue to participate! 🎉

This year we also want to emphasize that the contributions of non-Ember users are also very valuable. Therefore, if you have colleagues or friends who you think may be interested in filling out the questionnaire, please share with them.

Submission will be accepted Until March 8, But no need to wait!Continue to fill in Investigate here now. 🔥🔥🔥

We look forward to your participation!If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to email to the survey team survey@emberjs.com, or contact us on #dev-ember-learning Discord chat.

However, please don’t forget to help us spread the message by sharing survey landing pages on your social network feeds, gatherings, and around your office and other communities. 🙌

Minesweeper is a classic logic game, probably the most famous one is Microsoft Windows.You use digital clues to clear landmines and race against time Become a world champion.

@scudco Issue a new challenge: find all Tomsters in the game Toms sweeper!This is a good example, you can Build something in Ember Octane Easy and fun.

Try Tomsweeper And leave your feedback in #Game Channel on Discord! PR is also welcome.

Today looking for another fast learning and got 10 minutes Free up, free up?And then our friends from Embers Map There is content for you!

Free in them “What’s new in Ember?” In the video series, they highlight some of the latest and greatest framework features that make life easier for Ember developers.

In their latest episode “Use…attribute forwarding element modifiers”, You can learn about convenient use cases Splash characteristics. Splattributes as part of Ember RFC#311 Angle bracket call function.

Specifically, the video presentation Powerful composition mode When splattributes are used with element modifiers, the combination of functions available since implementation RFC#435: “Use Splattributes to forward element modifiers” And has been released Man 3.11.

So this week you want to impress yourself (or your colleagues, open source and Ember friends) with some smart component patterns?Then check out This video Learn when and how to use element modifiers to forward and make your Ember app shine!

I. Welch Canavan (@xiwcx) Share the process of building your first Ember plugin Released by this developer. Plugins @ mariana-tek / man-fullcalendar package Full calendar (v4) – A tool that provides a fully functional schedule with minimal code – into the Ember component.

The process starts with inspection Ember watcher Check whether there are already plug-ins that provide similar services, and check the general plug-in structure that the software package follows. Next, Full calendar response Inspection provides the idea of ​​avoiding explicit binding of each attribute or property, but instead batch updates and pass them to Fullcalendar.

After that, it is easy to use Ember component lifecycle hooks to replace React, for example componentDidMount() Become didInsertElement(), in spite of componentDidUpdate() became didUpdateAttrs(). Similar to other implementations, Data drops, action rises It is close behind, so it is easy to transfer.

try out @ mariana-tek / man-fullcalendar In your app today!

This week we want to thank @chancancode, @梅尔sumner, @erikmero, @jenweber, @kellyselden, @Gaurav0, @GCheung55, @cloutierlp, @igorT, @efx, @patricklx, @rwjblue, @Chrisdon, @Turbo87 with @pzuraq Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Tomster mascot during office hours

Want to know about Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or plugins in the Ember ecosystem, but don’t know where to consult? Readers’ questions are only answered for you!

Submit your own Short and sweet problem under bit.ly/ask-ember-coreDon’t worry, there are no stupid questions, we thank them-guaranteed! 🤞

Want to write for Ember Times? Any suggestions for next week’s problem?join us #support-ember-times in Ember community discord Or ping us @embertimes On Twitter.

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That is another package! ✨

Be kind,

Chris Ng, Amy Lam, Isaac Lee, Jared Galanis, Yehuda Katz, Jessica Jordan and the learning team

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