Couple nurse stray blind cat recovers health in viral video

The discovery of a couple kitten After they documented the journey to restore health, their front-wheel drive has become viral.

Joshua and Jose Francisco have more than 400,000 fans on their website Douyin Account @mr.gardeners, where they show off their home decorations. This time they carried out different types of transformations, transforming a blind stray kitten.

Joshua Francisco said in the video: “We found a kitten in the garage a few days ago, but we couldn’t find its mother anywhere, so we brought it in and the kitten was curled up. The outside lens.”

After bringing in the kitten later named Whiskers, they soon realized that he had vision problems. When they gave him water, he used his paws to determine the depth because his eyes couldn’t see it.

“He seemed comfortable with us, so we decided to leave him in our garage, and we went to the store to buy him something to eat,” Joshua Francisco said.

“At first he didn’t seem to be sure, but after a few bites, he became a fan,” he added, while also attaching a shot of the food in his hand cowardly.

“On the first night, we did our best to clean his eyes and played with him for a while, then let him settle down. The next morning, we went veterinary Go check his eyes and see if you can help.They cleaned them up very well, they told us there was an infection and we need to see if it can be fixed [in order] Restore his eyesight,” he said.

The couple took the kitten home with the medication and made an appointment to see an ophthalmologist the next day. “By the next day, he was like a brand new cat,” Joshua Francisco said.

“Jose and I treat his treatment with eye drops and antibiotics every two hours,” he said, adding that they will now settle down with the kittens in the next few weeks.

They confirmed on TikTok that they have an upcoming date this week and they will find out if Whiskers need surgery.

Only one day after the video was released, it received more than 9 million views and 2 million likes. The audience applauded the couple’s kindness.

“Good guys! We need more caring people in this world,” one user wrote.

“I’m willing to give my life for the beard,” another person joked.

Weekly newspaper Joshua and Jose Francisco were contacted for comments.

kitten. The journey of a couple taking care of stray kittens went viral on the Internet.
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