HBO Max expands to 39 new regions outside the U.S.

As it announced Earlier this year, HBO Max finally moved out of the United States, expand 39 regions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Johannes Larcher, head of HBO Max International, said in a statement: “Through today’s release, we will launch our global platform and provide a brand new user experience for millions of fans in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Unlike HBO Max in the United States, subscribers in these regions will not be able to choose ad-supported plans. Instead, they will be able to choose a standard-definition mobile plan, or a standard plan with up to 3 simultaneous users, 5 profiles, and resolutions up to 4K. Pricing will depend on the region and country.

Just as Netflix and other streaming services have done, HBO Max will produce 100 local original works in Latin America in the next two years. It will also offer UEFA Champions League matches to subscribers in Mexico and Brazil later in 2021. For brand new subscribers, the company will offer a 50% discount and no time limit, as long as they register before July 31.

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