Echo Show 8 and Show 5 comments: little change, it’s okay

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I admit that Amazon has left a deep impression on me Added a rotating base To new Echo Show 10Of course, rotating the screen is useful for following you in the room during a video call, but it also feels fancy and unnecessary. In addition, it requires a lot of moving space, so you will lose a lot of counter space.That’s why i’m so happy Echo Show 8 with 5 That design is not repeated.In fact, Amazon is in this version and At last, But trust me when I say this is a good thing.

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The Echo Show 8 has changed the most, but most of them are hidden under the hood: it now has a faster octa-core processor and a greatly improved 13-megapixel wide-angle camera (the previous model only had a 1-megapixel sensor). In addition, Echo Show 8 can follow you during a video call without rotating the display.Instead, it uses digital pan and zoom, where you will find the same technique Facebook’s portal device (Plus Echo Show 10, When it is not moving).


  • Minimalist design
  • Beautiful display
  • Stellar sound quality
  • Ideal for video calls


  • The interface is not as intuitive as Google
  • Not so many video streaming options

This digital pan and zoom works well, and I think a cameraman kept my face in the frame during a video call and followed me as I walked through the living room. This facial tracking feature is applicable to every video call platform supported by Echo Show 8, including Skype and Zoom, as well as Amazon’s own services. (You can make a video call through the Alexa app or from an Echo Show device.) I find that the video and audio quality is usually very good. In other words, automatic viewfinder may be a little problematic. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to start. Facebook portal It is relatively better in this kind of automatic tracking, with almost no lag.

Amazon Echo Show 8


On the other hand, Show 5 brought only minor changes. It now has a 2 megapixel camera, increased from 1 megapixel, which is still very meager. In addition to the usual black or white, it also has light blue. Its camera does not have the pan and zoom functions of Echo Show 8, which may be due to its significantly lower resolution. It is worth noting that Show 5 does not currently support Zoom. (Amazon says it is working with Zoom to roll out support for more devices, so this may change.)

The rest of this review may seem familiar, because everything else here is very similar to previous generations. Both devices have the same minimalist design. The resolution of Echo Show 8 is 1,280 x 800, and the resolution of Show 5 is 960 x 480. Photos and videos look good on both, but I prefer to watch videos on Show 8 because of the larger screen. Echo Show 8 and 5 are also equipped with an ambient light sensor, which can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screen according to the surrounding environment.

At the top of the Echo Show 8 and 5 are the volume control, the microphone mute button, and the camera shutter for privacy protection. Show 8’s sound system is better than its smaller counterparts, with two speakers instead of one. It provides surprisingly strong bass and impressive volume, filling my small office easily. The audio of Show 5 is not too bad in terms of its size, but it just doesn’t sound so good. I should note that the new Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 do not have the 3.5 mm headphone jack of their respective predecessors, which means you cannot connect them to larger speakers.

Amazon Echo Show 8


Both Echo Show 8 and 5 have a sunrise alarm function, which can slowly light up the display to simulate the arrival of sunlight. However, Show 5 is the only product that allows you to tap the top to take a nap. This may be because Amazon marketed Show 5 as an alarm clock, designed to be placed on your bedside table, while Show 8 is more suitable for the living room or kitchen.

Like the new Echo Show 10, these two smart displays have Amazon’s updated home screen, which contains multiple cards that allow you to view multiple topics at the same time, such as weather and sports next to each other. It is also related to the time of day; for example, I saw the latest headlines during the day, and at night I noticed a suggestion for a relaxing song playlist. I really like this combination of rotating screens; this is one of the reasons why smart displays are more useful than smart speakers. You can browse information passively without asking actively.

It is also a pleasure to use Show 8 on my computer desk; it is very suitable as a digital photo frame and can also display the current time and weather conditions.I also find it useful in the kitchen because it has access to a large library of recipes from the following sources Food Network with All recipes; I can say “Alexa, how do I make chicken noodle soup?” to bring up a list of related results. All recipes have step-by-step cooking instructions; some even have photos and videos attached to provide additional guidance.

Amazon Echo Show 5


Show 5 fits better on my bedside table. Of course, it can also work in other areas of the home, but its smaller size makes it most suitable for use as an alarm clock. In other words, I am not completely satisfied with the equipment with a camera in the bedroom (even with a privacy lens cover).I think one of the reasons Google’s Nest Hub with Lenovo’s smart clock The ideal alarm clock is because they do not have a camera at all, which at least helps alleviate some privacy issues.

Like other Amazon smart displays, the latest Echo Shows supports video streaming from Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. YouTube itself is not supported, but you can still access it through the built-in Silk browser. It’s definitely not as comprehensive as the experience you get on Google’s smart display. In addition, Disney+, Paramount+ or HBO Max are not supported, all of which can be used on Google’s smart displays.

Echo Show 8 and 5 provide easy access to smart home controls, which you can use to adjust the temperature of your smart thermostat, control Philips Hue lights, and more. As you might expect, these Echo Show monitors are especially useful if you are a frequent customer of Amazon. Adding items to your shopping cart is as simple as telling Alexa to do so. In addition, it will display a reminder when the Subscribe & Save order is about to be shipped, which helps avoid accidental packages.

Amazon Echo Show 8


I didn’t have a chance to test it, but it’s also worth noting that Echo Show 5 is available on Children’s Edition, Comes with a one-year Amazon Kids Plus subscription. It has a home screen suitable for children and a two-year damage warranty. Equally important: it allows parents to control the content and features that children can access.

The closest competitor to Amazon’s smart display is Google’s second generation Nest Center, It has a 7-inch display. It retails for $100-a bit cheaper than the Echo Show 8 ($130) and a bit more expensive than the Echo Show 5 ($85), but its features are also slightly different. Nest Hub is more suitable for users who prefer Google Assistant to Alexa, and it also provides more video streaming options. I also tend to prefer Google’s smart display software because it is more visually attractive and intuitive than Amazon’s. It does not have a camera, so you will miss video calls, and the speaker system is not that good.

However, fundamentally speaking, deciding which smart display hardware you buy is not part of the ecosystem of which tech giant you want to be. If you already have a Nest home device and want to integrate with YouTube, then it is better to use Nest Hub. But if you are already an Alexa user, Echo Show will be a better choice.

As for which Echo Show you should choose, Echo Show 8 is the most cost-effective. Compared with the Echo Show 5, it has a larger display and excellent audio, which is more than the extra $45. And it has the same automatic viewfinder camera as the much more expensive Echo Show 10 (even if it doesn’t have a rotating display). However, if you don’t care about video calls and prefer calls that double as alarm clocks, then the smaller Echo Show 5 may be a better choice.

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