Kim Jong Un warns North Korea of ​​”serious incident” in combating new crown pneumonia

Kim Jong-un warned North Korea of ​​a “serious incident” related to the coronavirus pandemic, which has raised concerns about an outbreak in this isolated country.

According to a statement from the Korea Central News Agency, the dictator accused senior officials of being incompetent in handling North Korea’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to reports, officials ignored the party’s important decisions in the face of the global health crisis, “causing serious incidents and posing a huge crisis to the security of the country and the people”.

According to KCNA reports, Kim Jong Un delivered a speech at an enlarged meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party on Tuesday to address the bureaucracy’s “prolonged irresponsibility and incompetence”.

No further details about the nature of the incident were provided.

North Korea has Claim zero Covid-19 cases Since the beginning of the epidemic. In January 2020, Pyongyang quickly moved to Cut off most land, sea and air routes And comprehensively restrict domestic flows.

Countries with shortage of funds The health system is severely lacking The resources, funding and technology needed to deal with the uncontrolled Covid-19 outbreak, despite the fact that the King’s regime Chemical and nuclear arsenals arms.

According to the latest news from the World Health Organization, as of June 17, North Korea still reported “no cases” after testing more than 31,000 citizens for Covid-19. However, the latest news points out that movement between the capital Pyongyang and the provinces is further restricted.

In recent weeks, Kim Jong-un’s own health has been a subject of intense speculation. The 37-year-old dictator looks a lot thinner. According to interviews published by state media, ordinary North Koreans worry that weight loss is a sign of the leaders’ suffering.

North Korea can obtain vaccinations through the Covax program under Gavi, a UN-supported alliance that aims to ensure equitable access to vaccines worldwide.But this country has stopped Allow foreign aid workers And medical experts entered the country to help provide vaccines.

Soo Kim, a former CIA North Korean analyst at the current US think tank RAND, said that the international community has been waiting for Pyongyang to “rupture and show greater signs of anxiety.”

“Kim’s choice to blame his cadres-instead of taking responsibility and taking specific steps to correct the situation-may indicate that Kim Jong-un is taking the virus seriously, but it may not prompt him to make the right decision,” she said.

However, Leif-Eric Easley, a professor of international studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, said that Kim Jong Un’s statement “may pave the way for this self-isolated country to eventually receive international epidemic assistance”.

Easley added: “King’s remarks may be to justify what he is going to do next.”

Border closures, trade plummets, sanctions and last year’s typhoon have all been blamed Growing food insecurity This has raised concerns about the humanitarian crisis in North Korea.

To further exacerbate the plight of the country’s 25 million people, North Korea suffered Currency volatility And food prices in recent months.

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