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With the initial launch of the website redesign completed, we are now studying various subdomains that together constitute the Ember website experience. We hope to share these plans with the community so that those who want to help know where to invest.

Community members who want to help should be familiar with the ember-styleguide plugin-this is the UI plugin we use to help us apply the brand look and feel to all subdomains within the website.We created a convenient Documentation site, So those who want to help should read it through before starting.

Next, we plan to work on the blog!To help resolve this issue, please visit Emberify and the redesign of the Ember blog Project board on GitHub.Let us know you want to help #st-website On the channel People chatting in dissonance server.

This Project committee It roughly shows the order in which we plan to complete the rest of the work:

  • Blog
  • guide
  • API documentation
  • Deprecated apps
  • help Wanted
  • Ember CLI guide

In the process, it may be necessary to perform new component work in the ember-styleguide plug-in, especially in terms of additional component design and documentation.

After that, we will continue to make some fine-tuning and additional touch-ups on any sites we have completed, as we anticipate that there may be some gaps that need to be resolved at that time.

Now, although this is the plan of the website strike team, the project still follows our general community contribution guidelines-if someone has special energy for a part of this work, then they should do their best to contribute. No one is required to divert attention or engage in different jobs-in this case, the PR review may take longer.

We hope this quick update will help clarify the plan and help you determine where you can contribute!The website strike team is on every Thursday 14:30 UTC, So if you want to join, we welcome you to do so!You can always #st-website Channel on Discord.

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