Univision will launch a global Spanish streaming service in 2022

Univision More ambitious streaming plans Is forming. deadline report The Spanish-language media giant will emission An all-encompassing global streaming service in the United States and Latin America sometime in 2022. The service will include a free, ad-supported tier (based on Univision’s existing PrendeTV), and paying subscribers will also get the “best” Univision Now and Vix from those they like.

The network also made a less subtle attack on Netflix, which is about to become a competitor known for its Spanish-language programming (including some Co-produced with UTV). Univision stated that the upcoming product will have more Spanish original works than “any other streaming service”, including more than 30 new original works in the first year. Appropriately, Univision has just hired Rodrigo Mazon, Netflix’s vice president of content, as its executive vice president of on-demand streaming-its secret to making Netflix so popular in the Latin community.

This represents a major expansion of Univision. The company was founded in Miami and mainly focuses on Spanish-speaking Americans. If the unified service is successful, Univision will have a greater influence on the international stage. Of course, the challenge lies in changing perceptions. Netflix has been catering to these audiences a few years ago, and it may be difficult to convince people that it is worth turning to (or paying an extra fee) to a relatively new person.

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