Automakers must report collisions involving autonomous driving and driver assistance systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has implemented a new policy that requires automobile companies to report accidents involving semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous driving systems within one day of becoming aware of the a command be found Washington post, NHTSA requires automakers to fill out an electronic accident form and submit it to the agency when one of their systems is active during or before the collision. They must report an accident whenever there is a death, an injury requiring hospitalization, a vehicle being towed, an airbag deployment, or when pedestrians and/or cyclists are involved. The order covers level 2 advanced driver assistance systems to level 5 fully autonomous vehicles, which means it covers everything from Autopilot-equipped Tesla cars to Waymo taxis.

The regulator said: “This action will enable NHTSA to collect the necessary information so that the agency can function to ensure the safety of Americans on the roads, even as the technology deployed on national roads continues to evolve.” NHTSA said it will also Automakers are required to submit monthly reports detailing all incidents of injury or property damage involving their autonomous driving systems. Companies that fail to comply with the order may face fines of up to $22,992 per day. post.

The NHTSA order was issued two months after the Tesla Model S participated in the investigation in 2019. High-profile crash Investigators initially said that there was no one behind the steering wheel of the car.The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) later stated that it inspected home security footage showing that the owner In the driver’s seat Before the fatal accident. Just a few weeks before the incident, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt sent a letter to NHTSA calling on the agency to implement stricter regulations related to autonomous vehicle technology. He said that NHTSA “must take action” to “build a strong security foundation,” and he often quoted Tesla in his letters.

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