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Meet the long-awaited ember-collection v1.0 release candidate 🎉, using modern keyboard API ember-keyboard v6.0 ⌨️, learn how to make your existing applications accessible 💪, introduce ember-concurrency-async 🚀, and last but not least, create a new Ember application RFC interactively ✨🐹!

Two years later, the new version ember-collection here!You can use this plugin Incrementally present a large number of items. Official v1.0 Will be released soon.

The two most striking Variety Yes:

  • Ember upgraded from 2.18 to 3.12!
  • Improved continuous integration and automatic release process

Please thank you Alon Bouquet (@Alonski), Gaurav Munjal (@Gaurav0), Robert Wagner (@rwwagner90), with Vasance (@vasind) Thank them for helping maintain ember-collection. If you are currently using the plug-in, we will ask you to upgrade and check whether your application and the test continue to pass.

Are you ready for another exciting plugin release? this week, ember-keyboard Announce v6.0 And showed 3 Octane friendly Methods of responding to keyboard events:

  • {{on-key}} helper
  • {{on-key}} Modifier
  • @onKey Decorator

As you may know, there was an RFC recently to modernize ember-keyboard Application programming interface.understanding key relatively code This is one of the problems that this plug-in can solve for you now. Version 6 does limit support for Ember 3.8+ and modern browsers (except IE 11), so you need to consider current requirements.

To learn more about modern keyboard APIs and migration paths, we encourage you to visit the following sites:

Last but not least, don’t forget to thank Luke Melia (@lukemelia), Sean Clark (@optikalefx), Preston Sego (@NullVoxPopuli), Matt McManus (@mattmcmanus), Sean Juarez (@seanCodes), with Ben Denboski (@bendemboski) To shape the new ember-keyboard Application programming interface.

With Ember, you may be familiar with a set of tools that are already available today Make your app easily accessible. But if you are already working, what would you do? Mature Ember application This needs a lot of improvement Become accessible? Where do you start?

In her recent blog post, Samantha De Barros (@sdebarros) share it Her discovery By adopting automation, gradual and A11y-focused testing strategy, Semantic markup and screen reader testing.

If you want to learn how to improve the accessibility of your app, please read Her blog post on the simplabs blog If you have learned something from it, be sure to share it with your Ember friends!

Do you want to use ember-concurrency Use TypeScript, but encounter some limitations?If you don’t know, there is a new plugin Godfrey Chan (@chancancode) call ember-concurrency-async. This plugin introduces the familiar async/await grammar ember-concurrency task. 😃

Compared with the default method, the main advantages of the asynchronous method syntax ember-concurrency The syntax of the generator method is that it works better with the TypeScript compiler and things supported by it, such as the JavaScript language server in Visual Studio Code.Since TypeScript has understood await The keyword itself, the compiler understands to produce a value and “returns” its parsed value-this is impossible with generator method syntax.

Go to Repurchase Learn more and see some examples ember-concurrency-async Can help you write ember-concurrency Tasks in TypeScript.

Popular 🔥 Closing the media is a brand new RFC after Mel Sumner (@MelSumner) An interactive way to create Ember applications is proposed!

As part of the global effort to make the new Ember application more compatible with digital accessibility requirements, this RFC proposes an interactive workflow for the new Ember application. This will also help new users who like to create interactive models for new applications.

This new wizard for creating the Ember application will prompt the user to type ember new Enter their command line through a series of questions that will help define certain aspects of their application, including whether the application is an application or a plug-in, the application name, what is the spoken/content language, and the dependency manager and What is the CI system used?

If you have any thoughts on this exciting addition to Ember tools, please go to RFC And share your thoughts.

This week we want to thank @rwjblue, @fivetanley, @igorT, @Gaurav0, @scalvert, @hergaiety, @amyrlam, @gokatz, @backspace, @gvocale, @卢克梅利亚, Mansona Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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