The mobile version of “Contra Returns” finally landed in the US on July 26

The latest issue of the legendary Contra series is future More countries including the United States. Oppose Return A free mobile game The game jointly created by Konami and Tencent’s TiMi Studios in 2017 will travel to North America with the United Kingdom, Europe and Latin America on July 26. As part of a new side-scrolling adventure, the shooter sees the iconic hero of the series return to fight alien enemies.

The mobile entry also has a new storyline and more than 200 total levels, as well as updated graphics.New and returning roles include the gray-haired commandos Bill Rize and Lance Bin, Hina from Oppose 4, Lucia from Contra: Broken Soldier, A bear and a werewolf named Brad Fang.

In order to let you experience the chaos of waiting, Konami has released a live-action trailer containing the destruction of the end of the world, sweaty manliness and gun fetishism. There are also plenty of camouflage and slow motion swagger.Basically, all the ingredients you expect from fans Oppose the film. At the end of the clip, there is a segment of a frenetic industrial shooting game.

Object to return Initially launched in China in 2017. Its success resulted in the Taiwanese version and the English version in Southeast Asia. TiMi, recently hit one Game cooperation With Xbox, before Tweet It is planning to launch the game more widely.Since the first release of mobile games, there have been several Contra games for PC and consoles, including the 2019 Contra Anniversary Collection And run gun shooter Opponent: the thieves’ legion

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