American pediatrician fired for accusing Israel of “cannibalism”

Last week, after a doctor in Arizona accused Israel of “cannibalizing” on social media, she was fired from her job at a children’s hospital.

Pediatric radiologist Dr. Fidaa Wishah was fired from Phoenix Children’s Hospital on May 26 Facebook The post resurfaced in a screenshot shared by the @StopAntisemites account last Monday. Visa, who immigrated to the United States from Gaza, predicted the “collapse” of Israel, and at the same time accused the Jewish state of “eager to kill” Palestinian children.

“We will expose #massacre and #geoncide that #zionists are proud of,” Wishah wrote in a Facebook post. “We will uncover your desire to kill our Palestinian children.”

“We feel your fear… the fear of your breakdown,” she added. “A country based on brutality, inhumanity, racism, and cannibalism will never last too long! Hey #israel … your end comes earlier than you think.”

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital responded to this tweet, commenting that after a “complete review of the facts”, Weisha “no longer provides care at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.”

After a thorough review of the facts related to this matter, this person no longer provides care in Phoenix Children’s Hospital. (2 of 2)

-Phoenix Children (@PhxChildrens) June 23, 2021

Weekly newspaper Contacted Phoenix Children’s Hospital for more comments.

Wishah’s comments on “eager to kill our Palestinian children” and allegations of cannibalism are reminiscent of a key component of anti-Semitism that emerged in the Middle Ages and continued into Nazi Germany and beyond. “Bloody slander” is a baseless and false conspiracy theory claiming that the Jews murdered Christian children and consumed their blood.

According to reports, Wishah responded to her dismissal by suing the hospital for improper dismissal. Arizona RepublicAccording to reports, the Arizona Committee on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ) and a number of private law firms represented her in court.

“Her posts on her personal Facebook page, although critical of the Israeli government, deliberately portrayed Dr. Wishah as an anti-Semitist out of context, rather than her entire career as a civil rights advocate,” CAIR-AZ Executive Director Azza Abuseif told the newspaper in a statement.

“Although she has taken care of thousands of children, many of whom are Jewish, she has never been accused of discriminating against any of her patients or colleagues,” Abuseif added.

According to the Associated Press, in the latest conflict that announced a ceasefire from May 10 to May 21, at least 259 Palestinians (including 65 children) and at least 9 Israelis (including two children) were killed.

A kind video The photos posted on social media apparently captured Wishah’s backlash against her Facebook post after being temporarily suspended by the hospital. It can be seen that she thanked her supporters and complained about “the censorship system of a country that advocates freedom of speech.”

“When it comes to Palestine and Israel, we will definitely be censored,” she said in the video. “Today I met with the Human Resources Department. They said that I was temporarily suspended because they have a lot of external pressure and have a lot of emails. Instagram Labels about me from Zionists and Israelis, they worry that I will treat their children differently. False report. “

Dr. Fidaa Wishah was fired by Phoenix Children’s Hospital after describing Israel on Facebook as “a country based on brutality, inhumanity, racism, and cannibalism”. This undated file photo shows a hospital entrance sign that says “Children’s Emergency”.
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