Tucker Carlson claimed that “Biden admin watched us” expelled him from Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson The government that claims the Democratic president Joe Biden Monitoring

“Yesterday, we learned from a whistleblower within the US government that National Security Agency, The National Security Agency is monitoring our electronic communications and plans to leak them in an attempt to stop broadcasting,” Carlson said in part of the show on Monday night Fox News program.

“This is a shocking statement now, and we usually have a skepticism about it,” Carlson continued. “It is illegal for the National Security Agency to monitor American citizens. It is a crime. It is not a third world country. Such things should not happen in the United States, but unfortunately, they did happen, and in this case, they did happen. Up.”

“A whistleblower who knows has repeated to us information about the story we are working on, and this information may only come directly from my text messages and emails,” Carlson continued. “There is no other possible source of information, full stop.”

Carlson added: “The National Security Agency captured this information without our knowledge and did so for political reasons.” “The Biden administration is monitoring us. We have confirmed this.”

Tucker Carlson discussed “populism and the right wing” at the National Review Institute Thought Summit held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on March 29, 2019. He said he was being watched to expel him on Monday.
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This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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